Caution: a bowl of rice is the same as two soda cans!

When it comes to diabetes, many people get worried about sugars and sweets. While avoiding these foods might be good, there are still foods that are just as big risks as sweets.

Stats say that Asians have more risks of diabetes and for a while this was assigned to their genes since Caucasians eat more foods that make this disease. Also Asian people have active lifestyles and healthy foods, right?

Experts have said that white rice is the greatest risk. The Asian daily diet consists of this rice and this is load of starch that spikes the sugar. Thus, diabetes risk is bigger.


White rice dangers

Zee Yoong Kang, chief executive of Health Promotion Board said that his plan was to reduce diabetes number worldwide but mostly in Asia. Zee also said that analyses stated white rice, if eaten daily, makes more diabetes risks by 11%. But why? Experts further weigh in from the Harvard School of Public Health, a 20 years lasting study, and this proved rice is not as safe as we think it is.

1 bowl of rice has twice more carbs than a soda

This is bad since carbs are turned to sugar. There are foods like the white rice that have sugar easily changed in the blood stream. This makes sugar spike and the pancreas works in changed ways.

If and when the sugar spike happens, it is bad

Pancreas works harder than usual and we use up the sugar. Thus insulin is less produced and less efficient. Thus, we absorb more and more sugar.

Excess sugar is not good

To have rice daily will damage the kidneys and overload you on sugar. So, diabetes starts.


A lot of Asians eat such refined carbs like rice and noodles. They are too sugary! Also if you have high BMI, the risk of diabetes raises even more.

Luckily, you can combat these risks by replacing white rice (20% of it) with brown rice. The risk is lower by 16%.







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