Snooze button is bad for the entire day ahead!


The stolen minutes, as good as they seem, are NOT good.

You seem to never sleep enough. You hit snooze and go extra 10, 20 or more minutes.


Drockling is the term for snooze button hitting and sleeping in rounds, early in the morning, said Mary A. Carskadon, PhD prof. of psychiatry and human behavior, Boston University, previous editor of encyclopaedia for sleeping. She said this term is coined by sleep experts in the 70s and was neglected ever since.

Why does it feel good?

The body has a few mechanisms to prepare you to wake up and fall asleep. One such is the core temperature to make you either sleepy or alert. This is 2 hours prior waking up, said MD Rafael Pelayo, sleep expert of Stanford University Sleep Medicine Center. If you lack sleep, the alarm clock goes off when you still sleep. The air in the room is cold and you feel frozen.

Why is snooze bad?

As we said, the body needs time to wake up. When you go back to sleep, the body says false alarm, there is nothing done and we are not getting up. When the buzzer goes off again, Pelayo says the body and brain are surprised and are groggy and dizzy by inertia. More snoozing means more confusion. Also sleep inertia of this type can last even 4 hours.

Why is snoozing bad later?

You damage the internal clock by getting up at 7, and the other day at 7:30. If you cannot wake up at the same time every day, you push bedtime later and deprive off sleep.

What to do?

Pelayo said to set alarms for the actual getting up time and GET up when this goes off, same time daily. So, this might help in natural sleep pattern setting, going to bed when it is good and healthy and with time ditching the alarm too.





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