Lose 5 pounds with a 5 minute drink. And lose them in 5 days too!

There exist many ways to lose weight. Mostly they all consist of healthy foods and workouts. This is why experts in nutrition, doctors, dieticians and celebs all share their own weight loss secrets. Some methods were famous on social medias, but not all are effective. Some became famous on social medias, but they are not effective unless a product is commercialized in them.

This one here is effective and interesting. It is with natural foods, so you are sure on the money you spent. Also there is no starvation, yet it is with good results. Also, 5 pounds are lost in 5 days with a  5 min recipe.

The 5-5-5 technique

This sounds too perfect to be true, but it is. Many people testify for the good results. It is magical since you lose a pound a day, during 5 days. And you have to follow the regime for best results. How is the drink made?


You need:

1 lemon

Parsley bunch

1 cup water


These items are all in the kitchen.

Now, dice the parsley and blend it even better. Juice the lemon and put it in the blender with parsley. Add water and blend again.



To get the best of this drink, have it in the morning after waking up. And this is the first thing you ingest before drinks and breakfast.

Also, have it fully for 5 days. Never skip a day.

When you get to day 5, pause for 10 days.

This juice is finished in 5 min and can burn calories efficiently with no starvation. Also you get vitamins and minerals with it and digestion gets better, but bloating also is resolved.




Source: stethnews.com

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