The 11 sleeping mistakes that impair the health



A lot of people have troubles sleeping.For a better night sleep, try to avoid these sleep mistakes:


  1. Artificial lighting – if you are exposed to such light all the time, your melatonin will get impaired. This hormone makes you sleepy at night. Turn lights off and use dark curtains or wear sleep face mask.
  2. Alcohol – this will make you feel drowsy, but the bad way. You will wake up many times and next time, just skip the booze.
  3. Caffeine – if you like coffee, this is going to be hard for you. Avoid these drink before bed at least 6 hours prior. Having coffee at 4 pm means caffeine in the system until 10 AM. And melatonin making is damaged.
  4. Day naps – this is not that bad but too much of it shortens night sleep.
  5. Workouts – if you think you will tire after a workout, you are wrong. This boosts energy and this means less sleep. Do workouts in the mornings for extra day energy.
  6. Hot rooms – if you dislike your room, sleep won’t come easy to you. The high heat stops natural falling asleep. Even if you succeed you will awake in a hot and warm room. Lower the room heat and just use 1 blanket. If you feel like wearing socks, do it.
  7. Late sleeping – staying late is a big no-no. try to go to bed earlier and you will accustom to this regime.
  8. Noise – a pretty obvious sign, noise disrupts sleep. Use earplugs next time the neighbors have a party.
  9. Distraction – emails, phones and laptops, gadgets keep you awake. This also changes the circadian clock and blocks the melatonin. All these things make more cortisol and dopamine which keep you amused and awake.
  10. Alarm snooze – if you hit snooze all the time, this makes it a HELL to wake up. The body feels and knows when it is time to wake up, so try this natural way. With snooze, you sleep even more deep.
  11. Eating – this is not awful, but sugary foods are. They increase glucose and overburden all organs. Have protein and savory snacks if you crave food.


All these 11 mistakes must be remembered and avoided. Sleep deficit is the first reason for damaged health and state of mind.




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