The 4 foods that impair and damage the memory

Some foods can boost the memory and some can even damage it. It is awful to know that you eat the wrong foods, even more if you have risks for Alzheimer’s and dementia. To eat the right foods will make you slimmer, but also keep the heart and brain healthy; this you will be safer against cancer and diabetes among other things.

These foods must be avoided to keep the brain healthy:

  1. Processed cheese – this is the USA mozzarella sticks and cheeses. They are not good for the brain and makes more risks of Alzheimer’s and memory losing.
  2. Beer– if you are beer drinker, limit this ASAP since most beers have nitrites.
  3. Microwave popcorn– sadly, they have diacetyl, a chemical that makes amyloid plaques and keeps them in the brain.
  4. Processed meat– this here is ham, smoked turkey, bacon and similar. They have nitrosamines and they are brain poisons. Instead of these, try eating more salmon and fish, leafy greens, dark skin fruits and caffeine beverages.


When you cook the food, use extra virgin olive oil and add it cold in meals.

To keep the brain healthy and safe, know that it needs healthy foods and proteins too. Also minerals and vitamins. Avoid the sugars and carbs since they trigger bad items and toxins.


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