Fast relief from heel pain in natural ways

The heel pain is common and impairs many daily activities. It starts from the heel bottom, behind the heel or the foot arch. This pain often worsens with time and especially when you arise. Flat shoes also triggers more pain.

Sprains, injuries, pinched nerves, wear and tear of the heel pad also are causes. Hard surface standing and walking on, obesity and bad shoes also trigger this.

Also some medical issues influence this too like Achilles tendinitis, bursitis, gout, fibromyalgia, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, tendinitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Those that have this pain know the burden and this is not deadly, but just painful.


You can try some home good remedies and change some life habits. If the pain is serious to the point of no walking, talk with a doctor.

The best 10 ways to remove this pain:

  1. Ice– putting ice compress is the best pain relief. The coldness numbs the pain and inflammation too. also ice reduces pain in foot tendonitis, bone spur and plantar fasciitis. Make a cold compress with crushed ice in plastic bag. Wrap a towel around this and put the pack on the area for 15 min. do it few times daily. Another option is freezing bottle of water and rolling it where the pain is for 15 min. never put the ice directly on the skin, to avoid frosting.
  2. Massage– another good treatment. It is short term help, but still good. It makes fast relief from the pain. Also relaxes the muscles, pressure , lowers stiffness and improves blood flow. Massage the heels anytime during the day and also before a run, workouts and before bed. Use any oil you like; coconut, sesame, olive, mustard. Put some warm oil on the area. With the thumbs, massage for a few minutes. Every foot needs at least 10 min. do it few times daily.
  3. Stretching – in many cases, pain can be reduced this way. It makes muscles stronger and tendons in the foot too. the best workout is standing wall stretch. Be barefoot and a few feet from a wall. Face the wall. With both hands, press into the wall and one foot is forward. Lean slowly and feel the stretch. Hold for ½ min and switch sides, repeat. Do 10 reps on each side.pain
  4. Epsom salt soaking– it has magnesium sulfate crystals that remove pain, inflammation and swelling. Also the warm water relaxes you. Mix 3 tbsp Epsom and put them in the tub. Soak the feet for 20 min and pat dry the foot. Add cream and massage for 5 min. do it 3 times weekly.
  5. Turmeric– the item in this, curcuma, is a painkiller and inflammation remover. A study of 2009, International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology said it kills inflammation and pain. Put 1 cup milk and 1 tsp turmeric in a pot. Simmer with low heat and after 5 min add honey. Have this 3 times daily. Or get turmeric supplement of 600 mg 3 times daily. Talk with a doctor before this.
  6. Fish oil– if you have heel pains of bone spur or arthritis, this oil is amazing. It has EPA acids and omega 3 polyunsaturated fats that remove pain. Also stiffness will be gone. A study of 2006, Surgical Neurology said the omega 3 fats are safer than inflammation drugs NSAIDs. Have 3 g fish oil with 30% EPA and DHA 2 times daily. But first consult a doctor. Those that get blood thinning therapy must avoid this.
  7. Ginger– if the pain is due to some muscle strains, ginger is amazing here. A study of 2010 said that in the Journal of Pain, and explained how pain in muscles is reduced if it was caused by workouts. The ginger has anti inflammation agents that remove pain too. it has gingerols too and they remove pain. Also blood flow is improved. Have ginger tea 3 times daily or cook with it. For the tea, boil 1 cup water, add 6 ginger pieces and let this simmer 10 minutes. Let it cool and add honey. Or have 500 mg supplements 4 times daily, but talk with doctor first. Massage pain areas with ginger oil too.
  8. ACV wrap– another amazing cure. It has antioxidants and kills inflammation. Put ½ cup water and ¼ cup ACV in pan. Heat up this and soak a cloth in this. Put the cloth on the area of pain and hold it for 20 min. do it 3 times daily.pain
  9. Cayenne– this peper has capsaicin, item that removes pain. Also besides heels, helps in lumbar, muscle and joint pains. Mix 1 tbsp cayenne and ¼ cup warm olive oil. Put this on the area for 15 min and rinse with hot water. Do it 3 times weekly. Or use pharmacy pain creams with capsaicin.
  10. Alkaline diet– eat a good diet to avoid pains. Such foods level the pH and remove inflammation. Also calcium buildups are removed too, the main cause for heel spurs. Eat fresh fruits, veggies. Or mix ½ lemon juice in water and drink it daily. Also, avoid table salt and get pink Himalayan salt. Have 4 cups green tea every day. Avoid calcium foods, dairy and such. Limit animal foods, processed food, sugar, coffee and grains and alcohol too.heel


More tips:

When you have pain, rest the heels.

Lower the workouts regimes and rest more.

Avoid walking barefoot to avoid strains.

Wear good fit shoes and use heels and lifters if needed.

Wear night splint if needed, a device to stretch the foot.

Always stretch before and after workouts.

If you are obese, lose weight.

Rest when tired.


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