When a heart attack happens, in those 10 seconds you can save lives! What to do? Read more!

We always hope a heart attack won’t happen to us and you still have to know some things in case this happens to you or someone else. You can learn to save your life or someone else’s so read more and also see the video below to learn how to save life and survive.

Mostly, people panic when there is a heart attack. In a few seconds they are unconscious and you can learn to use those few seconds to save a life instead.

First, call medical help or ambulance. Then cough A LOT. Cough strong and deep like with congestion, and extend the exhales. This can save lives!

This is the method:

You send oxygen in the lungs with the deep breaths and with the coughing you make pressure to the heart and make the blood flow better.

This can normalize the rhythm of the sinus.

See the video below for more breathing info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL3FSvNL7-s

source: naturehastheanswer.com

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