Grow 3 healing herbs at home and be your own doctor!

Herbal cures grown in your own home is amazing and this means  less visits to the doctor’s and no more pills and medicines for headaches, belly issues and such.

If you can get some space and free time, and take a shelf of your home for this aim, try growing these healing herbs at home.

  1. Basil

    Also named St. John’s Wort, this is more than Italian sauce item. The French called it l’herbe royale or royal herb and this is because it is really healthy. There was a report from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and it said the holy basil extract lowers inflammation and swelling by 73% after a few hours of application. Also it is anti-aging. A study of the British Pharmaceutical Conference said that this extract also kills bad molecules and stops free radical damage inside the brain, liver and heart. In tradition medicine, leaves are used in water for soothing indigestion, chewed are for coughs and steamed for headaches, applied for bug bites and venom removal. Basil is healthy and experts of Europe study its benefits as antibiotic for bacteria lie enterococcus, staphylococcus and pseudomonas.

  2. Aloe vera

    Used in tradition medicine too, back as far as 6000 ago in Egypt, depicted on stone writings. It was used topically for healing wounds and skin issues. Now this is used for illnesses like diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and epilepsy. The US FDA approved this as food flavoring and beauty usage too. A study of the British Journal of General Practice said that this plant or its juice, lowers irritation and heals faster belly ulcers. Also it removes inflammation in IBS, colitis and such.

  3. Chamomile

    This flower is ornament and both medicinal. It is great for stress, insomnia and anxiety removal since it is relaxing. Head Automatica was right when they said this is for nerves of steel. Studies said this plant when mixed with other plants, eases the upset belly, nausea and heartburn too. Also it cures mouth sores, hemorrhoids and diarrhea. When used on skin topically, it lowers irritation and speeds up wound healing.





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