Experts say that broccoli can reverse diabetes and diabetes damages!

.Consuming broccoli can reverse damage of diabetes and damage of this illness on the blood vessels. The key item in this veggie is the sulforaphane. If diabetes is not controlled in time, blood vessels will get damaged and this can even impair brain and other organs too.

Diabetes happens on average in 5% of Europeans. The diabetes can be divided in type 1, must get insulin, and type 2, without insulin and just a strict diet.

Those with diabetes 1 must never take anything without consent of the doctor. Before this natural method for diabetes, at least have a week long liver cleanse diet. Then use the method by the American expert Dr. Anderson.

You need 21 days for completion of the method

Every morning, boil 300-500 g broccoli in 1 liter water for 5 min. then get half of the liquid and drink it before breakfast. The other half is taken in the evening. To the broccoli add a tsp cinnamon, and have this for lunch.

In traditional medicine, there are even 53 plants that lower blood sugar and the best is dubcac or Teucrium chaemedrys, “hair” maize or Zea mays and dry beans pods.


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