This amazing herb heals any issue with the liver, pancreas and kidneys fast!


Here we will talk about the amazing healing benefits of the herb cilantro. This can cure any issue with the kidneys and liver. The herb is medicinal and in our kitchen! It can be used daily for many purposes. We add this mostly in soups, stews and as side addition to meals since it has amazing aroma and smell.

Cilantro has many essential oils that improve digestion and give you minerals and vitamins like B, C, K, E and more. Also it stops acidity of unhealthy foods, and the benefits of it are:

  • Better liver function and health
  • Amazing diuretic
  • Cures renal issues like kidney stones
  • Treats issues like constipation and diarrhea
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Removes excess fat off the body
  • Makes digestion better
  • Heals ulcers in mouth
  • Prevention to conjunctivitis


As you see, cilantro is not just aroma and taste, is health spice too! add it every day in the savory meals and reap all the benefits.


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