Article for ex-smokers and smokers – a drink that cleanses lungs


Every smoker and ex-smoker has lungs damaged to some extent and lungs with toxins.

But, there is a way to cleanse the lungs, just make this amazing drink with just 3 items.

These items are onion, turmeric and ginger.

People used ginger for ages now for healing. Ginger is really good for us and removes extra mucus of the lungs.

The onion is also the most used item in the kitchen and is great since it is anti-cancer. Onion is the best fighter for many malignant issues. This veggie is great for the respiratory system.

The turmeric is a spice with minerals and vitamins and has many omega 3 fat acids too.

This spice kills viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. So, include it in the daily diet.

You need:

1 liter water

400 g onion

2 tbsp powder turmeric

400 g sugar

Ginger root, piece




Mix the sugar and water and put on medium heat. Wait for it to boil.

Then chop the onion and ginger and add them in the previous mix.

When this is all boiled, add the turmeric and now lower heat.

Let this cook to reduce to half in amount. Strain the liquid and store it in glass container. Refrigerate it but after the room temperature cooling.

Have this elixir daily and have 2 tbsp in the morning and evening too. And try to take this at least 2 hours after meal.





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