Kill sinus infection after a few minutes with items that you have in the kitchen!

The sinus infection, or sinusitis, is inflammation of the tissue lining in the sinuses. A healthy sinus is filled with air, but blocked sinus is filled with germs and thus an infections happens. The signs are fevers, face pain, headache, allergy rhinitis, colds, deviated septum and even nasal polyp.

There are 2 types of sinusitis: chronic and acute. The first is lasting a month tops and the second may be 12 or more weeks.

The bacteria and viruses of the air spaces in the bones and cheekbones cause more troubles in the forehead, between the eyes and thus a thick mucus is made.

Antibiotics may be some short term cures but they are far from best. They have side effects. But, herbal and natural remedies are without side effects.


ACV can kill sinus infection

The ACV has many uses and is the best cure for many issues. It has antioxidants, vitamins, malic acid, minerals and all of them kill bacteria. The ACV binds to a pathogen and the body flushes this better. It is amazing for candida, fungi, viruses and more.

For the best benefits, get raw and organic ACV like Bragg Organic Raw ACV.

After the ingestion, the ACV will break down mucus and cleanse the air paths and it will kill bacteria of the infection. When the mucus is broken down, the ACV gives the body nutrients for boosted immunity and prevention from infection.

The Acv is acidic but it has electrolytes and they balance the pH. The bad bacteria and viruses inside the acidic areas of the body make health problems and alkalinity is needed. ACV here stops acidity and bad bacteria.


This mix above also helps in reducing these signs, boosts immunity and removes sinus problems.

You need:

½ cup warm water

¼ cup raw ACV

1 lemon wedge juice

1 tbsp Manuka honey

½ tsp cayenne pepper




Mix all items in 1 glass and drink this or even gargle it for better results.


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