Have a pinch of turmeric and the effect will be like hour long workout


The turmeric is just as good as a workout. It makes the cardio system healthy and in good shape.

Medical experts all say turmeric must not be ignored and studies claimed that this item is healthy for us.

It lowers the risk of heart attacks after bypass by 50%. Also it has polyphenol curcuma and this makes the heart healthy.


In a study of 32 women of menopause and post-menopause were seen interesting results. They were in 3 groups, those eating curcuma, those working out and those doing nothing. The elasticity, health and work of the vessels was the aim focus. Also the endothelium lining was the link to atherosclerosis.

The curcuma group had 150 mg turmeric every day and had the previous same diet.

The workout group had aerobic sessions 3 times weekly, cycling and walking too.

After 8 weeks the study was done all the way. The first 2 groups had good results, and they all had healthy blood vessels.

Working out and turmeric

This motivates many people to start eating this healthy food and workout at the same time. This helps in over 600 issues. The curcuma cannot be a replacement for working out and both have to go hand in hand.

In another study for the turmeric effect in the diet was studied the stress tolerance with workouts along the turmeric. This was seen in post-menopause women that had heart problems. The results showed that the workouts with curcuma parallelly reduced the ventricular problems. The afterload of the left side ventricular made a heart hypertrophy and there the aortic valve and hypertension were seen.

With turmeric you can lower inflammation and pain post workouts.

Source: organichealthuniverse.com

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