The toxins in the fat cells make fatigue and swellings. How to cleanse them?

The plethora consists of many health issues like hypertension, diabetes and heart issues, all due to weight gaining. The bodies store toxins and this is in the fat.

Why do toxins get stored in the fat?

A program named the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey NHATS was made by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA back in 80s.

All samples of humans had traces of 4 industrial solvents and a dioxin. Also, 9 chemicals more like dioxins and 1 furan were seen in over 90% fat samples, 83% had the PCBs.


What are dioxins?

They are made during the combination processes, waste incineration, forest fires, backyard trash burning and other industrial processes; paper pulp bleaching or making pesticides.

The body stores such toxins and gets them far from the fat cells to stop them to roam free and damage organs.

Toxins of 2 types

Water soluble- flushed outside with the help of kidneys and blood.

Fat-soluble toxins- must turn to water and then get converted by the liver.

The preservatives, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, plastics, pollutants and other chemicals are all fat soluble.

Liver as defense mechanism

Bile is the yellow-green fluid stored in the gallbladder and is made IN the liver. It is needed for removing useless red blood cells and some toxins as well as digestive fats.

The lymph system gets the stored fats and carries them in the liver and then the gut to be permeable forever. The good fats turn to hormones and brain cells, cell membranes, cholesterol and skin cells. The bad fats get worked in the bile and are absorbed by insoluble fiber, thus they exit the body through defecation. So, eat more fibers!

How does the lymph system contribute?

The whole intestine tract is surrounded by the lymph tissue – gut associated tissue GALT.

The toxic fats and nutritional fats are absorbed, then they are processed in this tissue of the digestive system and are sent to the lymph system.

The digestive tissue and lymph tissue must be healthy to do this work.

Some signs of congestion in the GALT:

  • Allergy
  • Bloating
  • Extra weight in the belly area
  • Hypersensitivities
  • Stiff joints
  • Skin itching and irritation
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Elimination issues (diarrhea, constipation)
  • Headaches



Why are toxins stored as fats?

The lymph nodes’ white blood cells make toxins neutral and absorbed in the lymph. This process is really impaired now and toxins go back to the liver and there the lymph system is congested and unhealthy.

The toxicity cycle is made when the liver starts to get congestion, the bile is ineffective and thick. The fat soluble toxins get removed in the blood flow and are stored for years to come, thus making oxidation and free radical damage, as well as degeneration.

How to remove toxins?

  1. Get fit– be active, workout and the toxins will sweat off.
  2. Detox– detox the liver off congestion. Use and eat only clean and raw items.
  3. Eat well– eat more fiber, fruits, crucifer veggies, whole grains (quinoa, teff, oatmeal). Avoid gluten and milk to avoid inflammation.

Relax- stress makes more health issues than you think! It interferes with the nutrients in the gut and fat exchanges. It might cause inflammation of the GALT too.


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