The 15 amazing benefits of pineapple. Pay attention to number 9!


The pineapple is a really tasty fruit that is tropical and has many nutrients and good items. Studies claimed that this fruit stops illnesses, lowers cholesterol, makes digestion better, boosts immunity and is good for fertility.

This can be eaten raw, juiced, canned, cooked, dried and is easy to have it almost in any shape. Here are the best 15 pineapple benefits:

  1. Better eyesight- it has vitamin A and beta carotene, both good for the sight. These fight macular degeneration, stop cataracts, night blindness and similar.
  2. Better immunity- 1 cup pineapple has 131% daily needs vitamin C and this boosts immunity. The C also makes more white blood cells for shield against flu and colds.
  3. Better blood flow- pineapple has bromelain, copper, potassium all for the blood flow improvement. The minerals make more red blood cells, oxygen flow is better too and the circulation is better and faster.
  4. For inflammation- the bromelain in this fruit lowers inflammation in the whole body. This inflammation causes many health issues, but with this fruit you can prevent them.
  5. For weight loss- tasty fruit with 0 fat and some calories, amazing for weight loss and easy for digestion. It makes the body healthy and lean.
  6. Hydration- 87% of this fruit is made of water and this is great for hydration. This makes better toxin removal, more elastic skin and better digestion also.
  7. Digestion- it has many fibers and water, but bromelain too so this fruit is amazing for digestion. The bromelain breaks down fats and proteins, and the fiber makes regular bowels.
  8. Good for teeth and bones- the manganese is essential and amazing mineral for the bones and this fruit has lots of it. 1 cup has 158% daily needs manganese for brittle bones and more dense bone tissues.
  9. Boosted fertility- this fruit also is good for both men and women in regards of fertility. It has zinc, folate, iron, potassium, beta carotene all great for the blood flow and sensors for pleasure.
  10. Prevention to gingivitis- the gingivitis makes swelling in gums and pain too, so this fruit comes handy here. The pineapple is astringent and has antioxidants too, all great for swelling, bacteria removal and healthy gums.
  11. More energy- pineapple is low in calories, but has many good natural sugars and alkalizing agents for more energy and health. in 1 cup you have 82 calories, 7% pure natural carbs for energy.
  12. More B vitamins- the vitamin B complex is vital for overall health, converting food to energy, boosting iron, fighting fatigue, better bones, heart and brain too. This fruit has 10% of daily needs vitamin B in just 1 cup.
  13. Lowering cholesterol- pineapple lowers bad cholesterol and it has antioxidants, potassium, fibers and they all remove the bad LDL cholesterol and make the cardio system healthier again.
  14. Healthy cells- the amount of antioxidants makes the body alkaline and fights free radical damage, thus cells are rejuvenated. This also prevents free radical damage for longer and healthier life. The sun damage is reversed, UV damage too and pollution damage too.
  15. Relieved sinus congestion- clogged sinuses and soreness in throat makes great discomfort and the pineapple soothes this. The acidity in the pineapple breaks down the mucus and boosts the health due to the vitamin C. thus the body gets more alkalinity, less inflammation and less pain in throat and nose.



The pineapple bromelain can tenderize meat and this is why the tongue might tingle and burn after eating this fruit. If you eat just pineapples (1 cup) and rinse them before eating, you can prevent this tingling in the mouth.





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