How to make eggshell calcium? Here is why you WANT to do this!

Calcium is the abundant mineral in our bodies. Most of the calcium is in the teeth and bones, and also is crucial for contraction in muscles, nerves health, enzymes work and making cells.

The bodies need ample doses of calcium daily and if we lack this, the bodies have to get some excess from teeth or bones.


So, we have to have lots of calcium, especially if we are pregnant or nursing.

2,000 mg calcium daily is the best

The best calming effect I feel is when I do not have sore muscles or stiff body parts. The good organic, raw and dairy items are the best calcium sources. Also bone broth, fish bones, almonds…

But, I have to drink 2 quarts milk for this quota, so I rely on supplements occasionally especially when I am nursing/pregnant.

Which one is the best? Calcium citrate? Gluconate? Aspartate? Coral Calcium? Or Hydroxide? This goes on and on.

As mothers, we all know that the best source is always food.

But, have you heard that eggshells are the amazing, cheap and natural calcium source?

Yes! Eggshells!

The good eggshells have 27 nutrients and microelements mostly of calcium carbonate, form similar to our teeth and bones.

In human and animal tests, this eggshell calcium makes more bone density, less arthritis and more growth of cartilage.

Sounds great, but this is also easy for making.

Items and equipment you need;

  • 1 carton organic, pasteurized eggs of chicken (if you cannot get them from a farm, fresh, try to find chicken eggs of chickens not fed with soy. Pay some more cash and get the better benefits for the price of Ca supplements. How to find such good eggs? This is a tip – thicker shell means better egg with most nutrients. In my living area there is no good farm or shop for this so I order eggs from Tropical Traditions and their Wisconsin farm. Their eggs are soy-free and better than market eggs.
  • 1 stock pot
  • 1 small mason jar with clean lid
  • 1 coffee grinder



Use the eggs as you use them normally, keep the shell in the pack carton for using this later.

When you get dozen egg shells, rinse them with water. Remove remains of whites stuck, but never remove the membrane since it has nutrients.

Fill the stock pot with 6 cups filter water and let this boil. Put the eggshells here for killing potential bad pathogens.

Cook this for 10 minutes and drain the shells.


Spread the shells on some glass or stainless steel baking sheet, then dry them overnight. Put them then in 200 degrees oven for 10 min to dry them all the way.

When this is done, put a few shells in the grinder and run this until you make them pulverized into granules. Keep going to make the shells powder.

Put this now in the mason jar and keep it away from moisture or heat.


How is the eggshell calcium consumed?

In 1 tsp of this there is 800-1000 mg calcium. Have this my mixing it with a bit of water and along a meal. Have ¾ or 1 tsp every day, in 3 servings of meals. No more than 1 tsp, since it might irritate the digestion tract.



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