This amazing green herb can cure even 5 cancer types like ovarian, lung, melanoma and liver cancer

Did you hear of moringa? This is a plant and is really healthy for us. It is also named drumstick or Malunggay, and this tree is native of South Indian culture and cooking since it has unique aroma and smell.

This tree is seen in Africa and Asia, and every part of this plant is edible and nutritious; leaves, flower, roots, fruits, pods and bark. Nothing goes to waste.


Why is moringa so amazing?

Let us compare this to other healthy foods and see what this is all about:

  • Moringa seed has edible oils or Ben oils and they are similar to olive oil. This oil has antioxidants and unlike others, ETERNAL shelf life.
  • Spinach is the plant for iron, but moringa leaf has 3 times more iron.
  • Coffee in the morning is amazing, right? But have you tried moringa tea? The leaves of moringa boost the energy more than coffee and the effect lasts longer too!
  • Carrots are good for the eyes, we all know since they have lots of vitamin A. but, moringa also has beta carotene!
  • Do you get multivitamins all the time? Moringa supplement made of the pods and leaves, is better than the pills you take daily since moringa has no chemicals along.
  • Moringa has double more protein in 1 g than yoghurt.
  • It has 3 times more potassium than a regular banana in 1 g only!
  • Moringa has more vitamin C than oranges, 7 times more per gram
  • It is healthy for the bones since it has 4 times more calcium in 1 g than milk.


Moringa and fighting cancer benefits – confirmed by experts

This plant also fights cancer since it has items like rhamnetin, isoquercetin and kempferol and experts now study the cancer fighting potential of moringa. It was positive for ovary, lung, liver and melanoma cancer, all tested on lab tests. This list can be seen on Pubmed.

Also keep in mind that there is still time until the Moringa is an official cancer cure, but so far studies proved it is healthy and great as medicine in the future. It is amazing since moringa already is being used in herbal medicine.

More Moringa plant benefits

  • Cleans water
  • Has 9 vital amino acids, 27 vitamins, minerals and 46 antioxidants
  • Makes better lactation in humans
  • Treats illnesses, wounds, bites, ailments
  • Cleanses the skin and makes hair healthy and vibrant
  • Has no side effects and is safe for kids and adults


Where can this plant be found?

You can get this moringa plant from Kuli Kuli Foods, a fair trade company and small-scale farm company in Ghana and Haiti.

Also the products of moringa can be found and used for dishes, soups, dips, curry meals at the South Indian store that caters to a South Indian cuisine. Once people know more of this amazing plant, everyone will start to use it!


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