How the brain physically changes after consuming a whole turmeric

The benefits for the health of turmeric are known for a long time.

This is a natural item, removes bacteria, inflammation, is analgesic, kills cancer and is a miracle spice.

The antioxidant active agent curcuma is the lead item here. Curcuma supplements are more and more popular these days. Every item works in harmony and cannot be singled out as a single phytonutrient.

Curcuma is not the only good thing in turmeric

A study published in the journal Stem Cell Research and Therapy studied another item in the turmeric, the aromatic turmerone (ar-turmerone). This item is what makes the flavor and smell unique.


Brain and tumeric

The turmerone makes neural stem cell proliferation and rejuvenation. The problem is in neurodegenerative issues like Alzheimer’s when the brain neurons do not talk to each other anymore. These cells die off with time and new stem cells can be made. Also the item makes cell differentiating to make way for stem cells to make new neurons.

This is done by the turmeric’s abilities to lower inflammation. Reducing the inflammation in neural paths and making new stem cells is vital for those recovering from a stroke and whose brains have damaged cells from cut blood flow to the brain.

Also, the turmeric has antioxidants that reverse effects of damage by meds and drugs, especially in curing schizophrenia. The common antipsychotics make involuntary muscle movements and behavior changes. A study said that when curcuma is involved, the motor disorder tardive dyskinesia was reversed.

The turmerone also makes neural degeneration and this goes the same for Parkinson’s, with the extra effects of an antidepressant.

A brain healer the turmerone also can kill cancer cells

There is more.

In 2005 was found that the ar-turmerone is active as phytochemical in the turmeric and could regulate blood sugar.

This means the turmeric also could prevent or regulate diabetes 2 and the curcuma, bisdemethoxycurcumin, ar-turmerone and demethoxycurcumin can all have this effect.

All these studies proved that to get the best of the rhizome, you have to eat the whole thing with the curcuma.

Our ability to use the nutrition of turmeric in the shape of curcuma is limited though; absorbing can increase when the turmerone is ingested with it. Fresh turmeric has more turmerone than dry one.

It is easy to find the whole turmeric in markets, food stores and shops. You can cook turmeric with black pepper for more bioavailability, or eat it raw as smoothies, salads and sandwich addition.

Miracle of nature

Be careful, if you are on some meds, some unpleasant or even dangerous side effects might happen. If you take blood thinners, diabetes drugs or antacids, AVOID turmeric.


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