A syrup 10 times better than penicillin! It removes every infection and bacteria of the body

Even though the winter almost ends, we still experience coughs and colds, and sometimes even the flu. As the weather gets better, the body is more prone to bacteria and infections, thus the immunity is weaker and cannot fight every infection all the time.

Now, you can use antibiotics but they have side effects on the long  run and can sometimes leave the virus intact. But, nature is no doubt better than meds and drugs, has no side effects and boosts immunity perfectly while it makes you healthier overall.

In many cases, these cures  are better than antibiotics and drugs.

Here you can see the best cure of nature that is 10 times more potent than drugs and meds for asthma, cough, sore throat, infections in respiratory system, bronchitis and more.

This cure has just 3 items that you have in the kitchen!


You need:

½ cup honey

¼ cup ACV

½ cup water

6 garlic cloves




Crush and chop the garlic. Mix all items now in a jar. Let this sit overnight to become even in the mix. In the morning, strain this liquid and store it some place dark.


If you take this for boosting immunity, take 5 drops every day. For a certain health problem, have 1 tbsp every 2 hours until you get better results.


Health benefits:

The honey is amazing for getting minerals, vitamins, enzymes and it fights free radical damage due to antioxidants inside. Also it kills inflammation and bacteria in case of flu, cold, sore throat and cough.

The ACV kills bacteria too and viruses, boosts immunity and fights bacteria and viruses of any kind. It has enzymes, minerals and good bacteria for the gut and body.

The garlic is a natural booster of health used for many centuries back for breathing issues. It kills viruses and bacteria, and stimulates better immunity.

It can further stop virus mutations since it is amazing for this purpose. All these benefits are thanks to the allicin in the garlic, item 10 times better than penicillin.

Due to all these facts, garlic is indeed the healthiest food on the planet and fights any bacteria and inflammation.

source: homeremedieshouse.com

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