Fatty liver cleanse that resets metabolism and speeds up fat loss

The liver has over 500 functions in the body, like making toxins neutral, removal of infections and working with proteins and hormones.

This organ can regenerate itself even after injuries. It is the only organ that does this.

An unbalanced diet and processed foods really can take toll on the liver. It can detox itself but if it is damaged it cannot do its work well. Without a healthy liver, you get more toxicity and illnesses.

To keep the liver healthy you have to eat the right things. A juice is a perfect way to cleanse.


Liver health juice recipe

You need:

25 g celery

125 g cabbage

Finger size ginger piece

1 lemon

250 g pears

10 g mint

500 ml water




Wash all items and do not peel them. Decore the pear, keep all the flesh and grate the ginger, now cut the pears. Cut the cabbage and celery too thin. Put all them in a blender and add water, then blend. Grate ½ tbsp. lemon peel and squeeze the lemon in a bowl then discard the seeds. Add the lemon juice and mint, add the peel and again blend.





Have this mix 2 times daily for best results. Have 1 glass after waking up and 1 another dose 2 hours before sleep. Refrigerate for 2 days.



What are the benefits of each item used

  1. Celery– some animal studies said the celery extract of the seed lowers pressure and cholesterol too and keeps the liver safe from damage with the tynenol. Also this is like diuretic and expels toxins off the body.
  2. Ginger– this has good effects on the biomarkers of liver after injury especially after Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. It also treats fat deposits and reverses this issue.
  3. Cabbage– the red cabbage fixes all lipids, liver enzymes and renal osmolytes from fat and cholesterol diet. Also this stops inflammation and cell death in the liver so it heals faster.
  4. Lemon– the lemon peel and lemon has hesperidin, eriocitrin and naringenin that keep the liver safe from oxidation stress and inflammation. The hesperidin lowers bad cholesterol in blood and liver both.
  5. Pear– pears have pectin that removes gallstones by 52% compared to placebo. The gallbladder where the gallstones are stores the bile in the liver. When here are stones formed, the liver backs up the bile and this makes injury and stress.

Mint– those that have cirrhosis also have bruising and bleeding as well as large veins. The mint reduces the immobilization stress of liver enzymes.

source: dailyhealthpost.com

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