The Japanese secret for radiance and youth after age 50

People for millennia so far searched for the youth secrets to help them look youthful and radiant.

Also many items on the market are advertised and slow down aging, but mostly they are fake and do not give all the good effects.


But, the Japanese have some secret about youth!

Their remedy is potent and effective and the results are seen after 1 week.

The Japanese women always look young and healthy and pretty, and their secret is in the RICE!

The rice has an item called squalene and linoleic acid that is antioxidant and makes more collagen producing. This fights wrinkles and keeps the skin safe from the sun damages.

Also the rice has gamma oryzanol that lowered the cholesterol and makes the heart healthier. Experts confirmed that rice is beneficial and it makes the skin rejuvenated in a short period of time. This Japanese recipe will amaze you and give you the youth look you need!

You need:

2 tsp virgin coconut oil

3 tbsp rice

1 tbsp milk

1 tbsp honey




This is done simple and easy. Cook the rice for 15 min, strain this and save the water.

Add honey, coconut and hot milk in the rice and mash/mix.

Wash the face, dry it and apply this mix as a mask. When it is dry, rinse this with the rice water.

The rice boosts blood flow, gives moisture, prevents wrinkles, gives antioxidants and cures skin inflammations.

For better results, do this 1 time per week.  Try it as soon as you can!

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