The signs that blood sugar is high. Stop this before it turns to diabetes

I love sweets and chocolate and many like this too. One of the false beliefs is that chocolates make the high sugar. But sugar is hidden in many foods not just chocolate, white flour too, flour items, but we have to talk on the high sugar signs since this is the worst illness In the 12st c. Any diabetes kind involves control of this blood sugar.


This said, let us see the issue. All the causes and signs must not be ignored now.

What is the blood sugar? And why it can be high?

To see what is high blood sugar, we have to see what normal sugar is. This goes for no-diabetes people. Normal blood sugar is in 3 groups: fasting, before a meal and after meal. The normal is after waking up and is under 100 mg/dl. The before meal is normal between 70-99 mg/dl. The after meal is less than 140 mg/dl. Now, the 2 normal sugars(fasting and before meal) are almost equal, but also there are 2 other sugar kinds.

The fasting hyperglycemia- high sugar when the sugar is above 130 mg/dl after waking up, before meals and after starving for 8 hours.

Postprandial after a meal, hyperglycemia, when the sugar is more than 180 mg/dl 2 hours after the meal.

One can have various sugars often and this is normal, like after a tasty fatty meal. But high sugar all the time is not normal. Constant state of this means damaged blood vessels, damaged organs, damaged nerves. Diabetes 2 can be deadly.

The high sugar signs are in 2 groups: mild high sugar and severe high sugar. The mild means more thirst, more urination, weight loss, more appetite, fatigue, dry mouth and skin. The severe means blur vision, extreme thirst, dry and hot skin, drowsiness, belly pain, slow pulse, fast heart rate, fruity odor of mouth

  1. Excess in urination – the medical term is polyuria and this means is one of the 3 main signs of diabetes along the hunger and thirst. Too much urination occurs when there is chain between two processes. Starting in the blood or high blood content, the intracellular fluids get pulled in the blood stream. The body has to balance the glucose levels. It dilutes the blood and the glucose peaks get normal. But this more volume of blood fluid is increased. At this time, the kidneys work bad and they make more urine. If the cells pump water in the blood stream, the only organ getting this excess is the kidney, who again works bad. And you MUST urinate. Excess urination means over 2.5 quarts daily. This is not the same as water fan drinkers! Normal urine is 1.5 quarts daily.
  2. Excess thirst – there are many chains in the body and urination is along hunger and thi0rst. You assume that the body removes fluids, ad you replenish them. If not, there is dehydration. This makes the brain urge more urinating. Diabetics misunderstand that this is due to thirst and urination links. People think urination is JUST because of thirst. But is not. It is false that you urinate because you drink PLENTY water.
  3. Excess hunger – this is the 3d common cause of high sugar. Really, hunger is just low insulin. You get 2 types low insulin: diabetes 1 when they have shortage insulin and diabetes 2 where they have relative shortage. Both ways, insulin there is not enough to move glucose from blood to cells. Thus, body has no energy and fuel for work and cells feel hungry, so the brain gets this info from hormones. Cells do not understand that they starve in land of too much nutrients! There is even excess glucose in the blood, but due to low insulin, cells get almost none.
  4. Weight loss -there are 3 causes why you lose weight, even if you eat like crazy. If you want to lose weight, you can. Joke aside, weight loss because high sugar happened, is not smart here. Why? 1. You lose weight due to excess water and urination. It is the same as diuretic. Some take this as a diet pill. 2. Low insulin level makes you use fat faster than usual. More fat burnt, more weight is lost. Urine has glucose. So you pee calories.
  5. Slow healing of cuts and wounds – If the blood sugar is high, skin heals slower. Neutrophils, the best body tool to combat illnesses is vulnerable to high sugar. This means leukocytes in the body are used for combating infections and injuries too. If you have high sugar, this control system signals the brain to send neutrophils to injuries. Another sow healing cause is lack in oxygen. If the sugar level is high, oxygen delivery is lowered since nerves are damaged and blood vessels too. If you ignore this, cellulitis can happen.
  6. Dry skin and itchiness – thirst is due to excess urination. And this is due to dehydration. If you pay attention to skin care, hydration is a no. 1. Too much urination dehydrates the body since the skin loses all liquids. Due to high sugar, the blood flow is bad. And nerves get damaged that would normally operate and work for the sweat glands, the natural moisturizers of the skin.
  7. Headache – we mentioned dehydration and starving cells. With no oxygen, blood and nutrients, the brain works bad. This happens when you have hard time focusing and here the starving cells cannot get glucose of the blood. The brain eats ¼ of glucose we eat. Since it has hard time to access the fuel, the brain works less. You cannot think, finish tasks, work, or reason. And you get headaches.
  8. Fatigue – when you feel dehydrated, tired and more this might be normal. But, you have no energy. We need energy to work healthy all day long. If you lack energy, the body slowly dies. To be even worse, you urinate more and more. You do not sleep. And fatigue takes over extremely.
  9. Blur vision – another result of excess urinating is blur vision. The body dilutes the blood by getting fluid off the cells and mostly the eye cells. The lens get drier and at the time warped. In the end the eyes lose abilities to focus sharp. If you ignore this, high blood sugar can make illness like retinopathy, damaged eye back that causes blindness.
  10. Chronic diarrhea and constipation -these are the opposite spectrum. But both linked to high sugar. Depends which section in the bowel is affected. If the sugar level affects the small intestine, there is diarrhea. If it affects the large intestine, this is constipation.
  11. Erection issues – stats show that men over 50 have dysfunction In erection. Half of them have this a lot. Healthy erection needs healthy blood and nerves and good hormones. But, to get erection, the body needs hydraulic events. The penis gets more blood, and it needs to be trapped inside it. With no sugar lowering, this is impossible.
  12. Irritability – those with diabetes can be more stressed and have more PMS signs. The biological reasons for mood changes are not still discovered. But some theories explain this.


What can be done?

Every sign of high blood sugar is with 1 goal: to inform you that you MUST do changes in diet and life. Ignore peril signs, in the long run, high sugar has ETERNAL damage on the body.

The best way to stop a disease is PREVENTION. If you see these signs of high blood sugar, make some of these lifestyle changes:

  • Regular workouts, 2-3 times per week
  • Controlled carb intake (sweets, chocolates…)
  • More water and hydration
  • Low GI foods, and read their labels!
  • More fibers for healthy digestion
  • Controlling STRESS! Stress causes hormones for more eating unhealthy and this worsens the issue.


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