If you love bananas, read these 10 shocking facts! Pay attention to no. 6

The banana is a popular tropical fruit and has many nutrients that heal many health issues. This fruit is super food and medicinal too, so try to eat it daily.

The banana helps in morning sickness, blindness, osteoporosis, kidney cancer and diabetes too. Also it boosts brain health and makes you smarter!


Here are the best 10 benefits of this fruit:

  1. Prevention to calcium loss– bananas make better calcium absorption and stop the calcium loss.
  2. You get smarter– as we said, this fruit boosts brain health and cognition. This is due to the loads of potassium that are vital for a healthy brain.
  3. Prevention to kidney cancer– since you have better calcium absorption, this fruit stops kidney stones to form and kidney cancer to happen. So, bones and teeth will get better and you will be safer against macular degeneration too.
  4. Fighting anemia– they have iron and improve the blood quality to fight the anemia.
  5. Better digestion– bananas have fibers and this makes digestion better and digestive issues are resolved of the type; diarrhea and constipation.
  6. Regulated blood sugar– bananas are great for diabetics and regulate blood sugar. Also they aid in depression curing, PMS and mood disorders.
  7. Safety from heart issues– eat bananas regularly and lower the risk of heart attack and strokes, since this fruit has potassium and low sodium.
  8. Fighting depression– this is due to the tryptophan, precursor to neurotransmitters melatonin and serotonin vital for good mood.
  9. Fighting inflammation– bananas have vitamin B6 for fighting inflammation in joints and curing diabetes 2. Also this vitamin makes the nervous system healthier and stronger and you get more white blood cells too

Boosted energy-having bananas regularly gives you more energy. Have 2 bananas prior workouts and have better performance.

source: holisticlivingtips.com

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