Frozen lemons can cure diabetes, overweight issues and tumors

Lemons are superfoods and this is a fact. They add amazing flavor in many dishes and also are healthy at the same time.

The juice has flavonoids and antioxidants, so lemons are good for curing many illnesses.


Juicing lemons gives you maximum of benefits, but also you can freeze them. Read more to see why freezing them is just as good.

The lemon peel is healthy above all. It has items that boost immunity, regulate cholesterol and even prevent cancer.

The peel kills microbes and removes bacteria and fungi too. This is crucial for removal of parasites and worms inside the intestines.

Lemons are main items in every detox plan, regardless if you get lemonade, lemon tea or lemon water.

Lemon health benefits

Experts have linked eating fresh fruit and veggies with lower risk of diseases. Here are the best lemon benefits:

  • Prevention to cancer
  • Less stroke risk
  • Boosted immunity
  • Inflammation curing
  • Prevention to asthma
  • Prevention to stress and depression
  • Liver and kidney cleanse


Cancer and lemons

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and this is mostly in the juice. But, studies also stated that lemon peel has just as much nutrients.

The lemon peel kills toxins and waste inside us. This is why lemons are best for cancer cases.

There is a strong link between cancer and lemons. Experts spent decades in testing if lemons can kill cancer cells. And, studies even proved this might be possible.

Over 20 lab tests ever since the 70s, it was said that extract of frozen lemons can kill cancer cells of even 12 cancer like breast, colon, lung, prostate and pancreas cancer.

Some studies even said frozen lemons kill cancer cells more than chemo.

Also, they are healthier and safer than chemo for sure. Studies also proved lemon extract kills cancer cells better than chemo and leaves the healthy cells aside.

Get the best and most of lemons

The peel has 5 and even 10 more vitamins than the juice itself.

Dr. Marilyn Glenville, nutrition expert on women health said the mix of healthy peels is amazing for the health. She said for BBC food that most of the lemon antioxidants are in the peel and pith, rather than pulp. Also she said smoothies are better than a juice since you will eat the whole fruit and the peel too and not throw even a single good item.

These fruits are not the most favorite due to the acidic or bitter skin and taste. But with our recipe, you can get the best of them without the sharp flavor.

Freeze lemons

Wash the lemons with organic ACV or baking soda. Rinse them well and pat them dry. Freeze them overnight and when they are frozen, grate them fully. Pulp, seeds, peel, everything. Transfer the shreds in ice cube trays and freeze them again. This way you ca use them whenever and for everything.

Use them for any meal you want, this flavor goes with everything.

Add the grated shreds in soups, salads, yoghurt, desserts, pasta sauces and ice cream.

Add 1 tbsp of them in juices, teas, smoothies. They are amazing for baked goods too. Be creative!




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