I am 60 years old and this one plant improved my vision, cleansed the liver from fat and cleansed the colon too!

Clean the liver and be healthier. Many people pay attention to the health more and more. This is not easy though, with time the organs and health decrease in quality and we suffer from loss of vision, congested colon and more. Sometimes too much fat gets clogged in the liver and affects the whole health. but a natural item might help in all of this, beetroot.

The beetroot is an European red veggie mainly used in salads. Not many like this taste, but it is healthy. It cleans the liver of fat, stops colon congestion and regains eyesight. And there is more.


Beet health benefits

Beets make better blood flow and make the cardio system healthier, and also give you enough daily energy. This veggie also has betaine and tryptophan that soothe nerves and remove stress. It lowers inflammation too since it has antioxidants and fights free radicals. This is how you can make beet salad:

You need:

2-3 beets

Extra virgin olive oil

2 onions




Peel the beets and cook them with water and salt. Chop them in small chunks and put them in some bowl. Then chop the onion and mix this with the beets, add the oil and vinegar. Salt is added to taste. Sprinkle this with vinaigrette and let it sit for an hour. Then it is ready for eating.

This salad is great for colon cleansing and liver health, but also for better eyesight too. It is overall healthy for you, so you can eat this daily. Beets have high nutrition value and must be eaten daily.

source: healthylifebyte.com

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