7 signs of too much sugar consuming

Sugar is tasty and we all admit this. But, life can be unfair and it is bad for the health. Once you learn all the disadvantages of sugar, you will not look at it the same way.

How can you know if you eat too much sugar?

These are the red flags to cut back on this tasty treat.

  1. Fatigue and lack in energy– if you feel tried all the time, this means too much sugar. Sugary foods are a big carb boost and temporarily give you energy, but that has a drawback. Fatigue means you need diet changes regarding sugar.
  2. Carb and sweet cravings– if you crave sweets all the time and snacks too, you might be sugar addict. This makes further chain sugar cravings more and more. If you can’t resist them, this is sugar addiction.
  3. Colds and flus– if you get sick more often than normally, you need less sugar. If every virus glues to you, cut back on sugar. This makes immunity weaker and you can’t fight colds, flu, viruses and other things.
  4. Foggy brain after meals– this means low blood sugar. If you eat lots of it, blood sugar levels rise and spike and fall drastically. Bad blood sugar is risk for cognitive health said Alpert.
  5. Nothing is sweet like before-this changes the taste buds, said Alpert. The sugar overkill makes taste buds have bigger tolerance for sugar and you need more sugar just to feel sweetness. When the taste buds need lots of sugar, this lowers base levels. If you cut back though, you can lower this tolerance and be healthy again with minimal sugar levels. If you feel things get too sweet, that is okay!
  6. Feet and skin problems and dark undereye circles– sugar makes more inflammation when is eaten and makes skin problems. If you have rosacea, acne, eczema and dryness/oiliness sugar is the reason. Those that cut back on it have better skin and health too. Dr. Sherri Greene, New York podiatrist said that sugar is the main inflammation cause. This is seen in the feet like plantar fasciitis and makes pain in the thick band tissue across the sole, heel and else. I said already that too much sugar makes adrenal fatigue and this makes dark skin under the eyes.
  7. Putting weight on– sugar is calories, bad calories, has no fiber and proteins and does not make satiety. This also triggers insulin release, hormone for weight gain. When we eat sugar, the pancreas makes more insulin and this carries the sugar everywhere for energy use. When you eat lots of sugar, the body makes more insulin and this can cause insulin resistance. This means we cannot react to normal insulin doses anymore and cannot eat sugar like before. The weight gain means too many calories by disruption to the normal insulin response (link between obesity and insulin resistance). Even more, when the pancreas is worked up, you can get diabetes.

source: healthylivingstyle.net

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