The best 20 uses for Epsom salt in the household

Epsom salt is different than table salt as we know it. This is  a mineral mix of a spring in England and is a combo of sulfate and magnesium. This mineral is healthy and used for gardening, cleaning and more.

You can use this salt for beauty, health, cleaning and similar.


See the list below and start using this salt.

  1. Clean hair– if your hair is greasy, pull the oil excess with adding salt in the shampoo. Wash as usual.
  2. Foot scrub– winter is harsh on the skin and feet, dry cracked heels are normal now! Remove this skin with Epsom salt and olive oil, castile soap and essential oils 2 times per week.
  3. No frizz, yes volume!- mix same parts conditioner and Epsom salt. Heat this up and start from the roots, work the way down and massage gently. After 20 min, rinse it. This removes frizz and adds volume.
  4. Wash for face– mix Epsom and liquid soap OR face cream. Gently rub on the skin and rinse. This removes dead cells and gives moisture.
  5. Deflaking lips– mix Epsom and petroleum jelly to massage the lips and remove dead cells.
  6. No headache– if you have a headache, soak in Epsom bath water. This soothes muscles too.
  7. Tummy issues– ease constipation with 1 tsp Epsom and glass of water, and drink it. The magnesium will ease up all things.
  8. Good morning after– if you had more alcohol than needed, you will have hangover. Drink a tsp Epsom and tons of water.
  9. Fade a bruise– skip the raw meat compresses and get Epsom.
  10. More shut eye– soak in Epsom bath and relax.
  11. For muscle pain– get in Epsom salt bath after gym or work to soothe sore muscles and recover.
  12. Removal of splinters– put salt on the skin there and let the splinter emerge. Wellness Mama and SaltWorks have a few more such examples for the garden:
  13. Fertilizer for plants– add 1 tbsp salt in the tomato plant soil for more growth.
  14. Clean bathroom– mix part Epsom and part liquid dish soap and scrub the grout.
  15. Water houseplants– mix some tbsps. Epsom and water for the plants.
  16. For slugs– sprinkle some Epsom on the patio to keep slugs away.
  17. Boost roses– add 1 tbsp Epsom in the soil for healthy roses.
  18. Clean the washer– fill the wash machine with hot water and add Epsom salt for cleaning it.
  19. Protection to plants– add Epsom salt in the grass for the bugs.

Green up the grass- add 2 tbsp Epsom in gallon water and sprinkle this on the grass.


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