This juice can remove mucus of the lungs and boost the immunity

The mucus and phlegm can be gross, yes, but they keep us healthy. At times, the body makes more mucus than needed and here we are to help you clear this up.

The nose, mouth, lungs, sinuses and GI tract but the throat also have tissues that make mucus. The mucus here keeps body parts safe and stops illnesses or tissues to dry out.

The mucus also prevents us from getting viruses, germs and bacteria too. When something gets inside us and makes us sick, the mucus traps that foreign body and stops it from getting in the immunity.


Believe it or not, this green gooey stuff is actually for our safety. Mucus has antibodies, proteins, cells, enzymes that keep us good. And they act when we are sick. When you are sick, you have more mucus, and this is because mucus is made more to fight off the disease. Gross, but healthy!

We make mucus all the time, but we do not see this since this is thin and slides down the throat and we do not know this was here.

But, sometimes the mucus changes in shape or consistency and you see if there is more or less, so you need to get rid of this.

As we said, mucus can get thick and sticky when we are sick, and we blow the nose while we have a flu or cold.

Also the consistency changes when we have allergens and the body wants to be protected against allergies. Trust it or not, some foods also make more mucus. To minimize this, avoid these foods:

  • Dairy and milk items
  • Alcohol
  • Red meat with fats
  • Gluten
  • Refined sugar


All these foods make the gustatory rhinitis activated and thus we make more mucus and feel bad.

If you avoid these foods you might improve the state and still have some mucus inside, especially if you want to clear the throat, so think, this might be some food allergy after all.

This jucie recipe removes excess mucus and catarrh, so just clean and chunk up these items for the blender:

  • 8 carrots
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 inch ginger root



Juice them and drink up! This juice also reduces sinusitis severity.


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