Vaccine against diabetes is officially announced and everyone celebrates the news

Just in USA, 1.25 million people have diabetes. The good side is that a vaccine is used a century ago for tuberculosis and is a good vaccine for reversing the damage. These days, medical experts and doctors use this vaccine for bladder cancer since it is safe.

At the 75th scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association was said that FDA will test this vaccine on 150 people in advanced diabetes stage.


A person that has diabetes has not enough insulin inside due to the immunity killing the cells that make the insulin. The body makes T cells and this makes pancreas issues where the insulin is made. The vaccine removes these T cells.

People that have diabetes and have received the vaccine had increase in an item called tumor necrosis factor. This increase in TNF annihilated the T cells which were in the way of making insulin.

In a previous experiment, patients with diabetes 1 got injection with this vaccine 2 times in a month. The danger T cells were removed and in some of these people insulin got produced.

These results showed the BCG was good and this thrilled Dr. Denise Faustman, director of General Hospital Immunobiology Laboratory, Massachusetts in Boston.

In the preliminary stage of this trial we had stats regarding the BCG but the aim was to make a good lasting response, said Denise. She added that this will work on people with diabetes. This is not mere prevention but more a regimen for advanced stages curing.

A new trial will  use the same format on people between 18-60. Those that will participate will get injection with this vaccine 2 times a month and 1 yearly during 4 years.

In the Diabetes journal was said that a previous study proved the effects of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin on kids with diabetes, ages 5-18 is not as good and the BCG does not keep beta cells work good or makes an increase in the remission.


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