The 8 best uses of gelatin the main item of Jell-O

Many people know gelatin as colorful and sweet Jell-O. But you will be amazed when you learn the childhood dessert is actually healthy for us.

To get the most of this, Prevention says to add 1-2 tbsp gelatin powder in the daily diet. Mix the powder with cold water.let this sit overnight and have it with honey and yoghurt for breakfast in the morning, as said by Daily Health Post. For a more healthy boost, make cookie batch dough protein mix from Cook It Up Paleo and also drool for the lemon panna cotta of Savory Lotus. Or maybe you can snack these blueberry pomegranate gummies of Don’t Eat The Spatula.


  1. For joint pain– the hormone expert Dr. ray said for his website that gelatin has fast effects, akin to cortisol and aspirin for aching joints.
  2. Less signs of osteoporosis– WebMD made a study of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dallas and said the gelatin relieves pain in knees.
  3. Better digestion-The amino acids in the gelatin line the belly and soothe inflammation while they improve digestion, said Prevention. If you have digestion troubles, chew some gummies and sip this broth of Grass Fed Girl after a meal.
  4. Belly ulcers– an article of 2006 of Innovations Report said there was a study that said gelatin speeds up healing of ulcers in the belly.
  5. Stronger fingernails– soak the nails for 2 minutes in solution made with ½ oz gelatin and 1 cup water, said Homemade Mamas
  6. Better hair qualityWellness Mama said this treatment is amazing for the hair. Mix in 1 tbsp gelatin powder with ½ cup water. Mix it and add ½ cup warm water, 1 tsp ACV and 1 tsp honey. Do it until this is like gel. Then massage the scalp and hair and after 5 min, rinse with hot water.
  7. Less wrinkles– when you consume this, the gelatin gives you amino acids for filling the wrinkles and removing stretch marks, said Wellness Mama.
  8. Better sleep– Dr. Ray Peat had years of sleeplessness and swore by gelatin before bed for his 9 sleeping hours.


NOTE: Prevention said that gelatin is made of collagen of tendons, joints and link tissues of pigs, cows, fish. So it is not vegetarian and substitutes will not have the same result and effect.


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