Coconut benefits for the health

Just recently, coconut became more and more popular. Coconut water is amazing and found anywhere. The coconut flesh is dried and used for yoghurt flakes. The flour is replaced in many recipes and the milk is for curry meals. Coconut fanatics know that this is a tasty fruit and healthy too.


Especially the coconut oil.It has medium chain triglycerides or healthy fat acids like in milk and yoghurt as per LiveStrong. Unlike some other fats, these are processed fast and used as energy. This oil also has lauric acid and caprylic acid for bacteria and viruses. The coconut oil also has vitamin E, K and iron and is healthy when eaten daily.

1. Healthy thyroid 

– Prevent Disease goes in details on the thyroid issues and inflammation linked to immunity. When these are not good, you get unbalanced thyroid. This oil can be good here to regulate immunity and lower inflammation, also improving the thyroid health. when mixed with workouts and a good diet, the thyroid will be forever healthy.

2. More tolerance and less sunburns

 – The diet has a big effect on the sunburns healing. Wellness Mama said thata diet with many healthy fats can make more tolerance to sun. have herbal tea with melt coconut, and have more medium chain fat acids for young skin and less burning.

3. No yeasts

– This oil has lauric and caprylic acid, both removing yeasts. Also coconut is medium chain fat acid and kills bacteria, viruses and yeasts. The naturopath expert in the Coconut Research center, Dr. Bruce Fife, said people prone to yeasts must have 3.5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil every day.

4. Boosted metabolism 

– If the metabolism needs a boost, you must get more medium chain fat acids like coconut, said Dr. John Dempster for Huffington Post. The nonhydrogenated coconut gives more good fats to get burned as energy. He added we need fat to lose fat.

5. No eczema and skin issues

– A story in the National Eczema Association said virgin coconut oil can save lives and kids especially, in cases of eczema and dermatitis. This has no side effects, easy for applying and soaks well in the skin.

6. Less allergies and sinus infections

It sounds strange but coconut in the nose is good for those with allergies and sinus problems. Earth Clinic said coconut is like an antibiotic and is amazing for rinse of the nose and as oil pulling agent. For nasal use, add liquid coconut in clean water with baking soda and salt. Apply this with dropper or neti pot.

7. No constipation

-This oil boosts the metabolism and gives you fibers. It is the best home cure for constipation. LiveStrong says you need to mix ½ tsp coconut oil and 8 oz glass 100% juice of organic source. Have this half an hour prior a meal, 4 times daily.

8. No acne

– acne is made by bacteria infection inside the skin glands. When this becomes inflamed the red gets swollen and red. Coconut is antimicrobial too and removes inflammation so is both good topically and internally.


Coconut is healthy and beneficial and must be taken daily. Listen to Coconut Mama and replace butter and olive oil sometimes when you fry things. Also use this as replacement in baking and shortening.



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