How a man fought diabetes with no meds? Here is what he consumed

A young man got the diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes 4 years ago, so he was in need of many oils to treat this daily.

But, he treated himself with natural items and ate raw veggies and fruits, so he restored his health.

This man also found out that the diabetes was gotten accidentally 4 years ago. At first, he felt thirsty all the time and then he saw his doctor and was in shock.

His sugar level was up to 20 and the pancreas was not working anymore. This meant he was in need for insulin all the time just to be alive.

He took the therapy by the doctor and coped with the illness. He took his insulin and was more active with sports.

But after a while, he got worse and suffered other problems too, took too many meds, triglycerides were risen to 16 and pressure was 150/100.

So, this was too much for him. On New Year’s Eve, he made a resolution and wanted to be healthier.

He saw a TV show, “Edge of Science” and there was a man who spoke about eating raw foods for 12 years, Dr. John Zirdum. The young man did the same. He got a blender and started all over.


During this first week, he had cravings but he overcame them and the regime effects were visible soon and the blood sugar fell to 5.

This was amazing and he tried many meds to achieve just this. Thus, he stopped with the insulin and swore by his new diet. He had the insulin as back up, but nothing changed, blood sugar stayed the same and he even lost weight.

After 25 days, he lost 11 kg and this kept on.

After 4 months, he was like a new man and lost 20 kg, took no insulin anymore and the pressure was 120/70. The triglycerides were 1.4. he stopped with the pills and felt happy, good and healthy.

This is his favorite juice recipe:

You need;

2 apples

2 kiwis

5 bananas

Kale, handful



Put all items in a bowl and put ½ liter water over them.


Have ½ liter of the water in the morning and have this for the rest of the day.


More tips:

If you need this healthy diet, eat fresh fruits, veggies, tuna for the B12.

Eat fresh produce all the time and you will be satiated and the brain will signal you that you are full. Also, the regime is healthy and with many nutrients for the brain and blood.


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