Experts say we need just 4 work days per week

It sounds amazing to have to work just 4 days a week? Well, some experts say that you can be more productive and happy if you had this regime, but let’s see why!

Recently, studies said that we are less efficient at some point and by working more than needed we are not contributing.

Thus, more companies have started adopting short work weeks and employees get happier and better at the workplace.


Many psychology experiments focus on the work and productivity and say efficiency is at best with 4-5 hours of the work day. Beyond that, we start to stall and fail at the work. An expert in psychology, K. Anders Ericsson said pushed people beyond that limit of time is bad for the focus and a bad habit. Even worse, this bad habit will limit their productivity and efficient time.

So, Ryan Carson, Treehouse CEO, made a 32 hour work week back in 2006 and his employees have been extra happy ever since and the company made millions of dollars.

Similarly, Reusser Designs made a 4 day work back in 2013 and the founder of the company, Nate Reusser said his workers were much better.

For the monthly labor review, a study said that 28% of respondents said they would refuse 1 day of pay for extra rest. And, people really liked this as their productivity improved and the rest too.

In 2014, paper of the Stanford University said there were results that slide during the  50 hour week mark and people  produced less during this time. In another study of Families and Work, people who worked too much made more mistakes.

Productivity fails when we work too much and health suffers too. A study of medium size business of Japan found people who worked even 10 hours daily and slept just 6 at night so this reported to 97% chances more for depression compared to those working 6-8 hours daily.

Theory experts also said the work week would be shorter and we would be more capable in regards of technology. But this is not the case, a standard 40 hour week work is still the norm in many companies, but is it productive? There is a limit to production seems like and details make us make mistakes. 4 day work week benefits the mind and body, and SKILLS.


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