The home cures for bronchitis

Winter approaches fast and in this time, people are prone to respiratory issues like bronchitis, when the bronchial tube lining that brings air gets inflamed. Mayo Clinic said acute bronchitis is due to some infection or a cold. This can be minor, but can become more serious and even be a danger.

What can you do to treat this at home?


  1. Water- this sounds really simple but a glass every 2 hours really loosens the mucus and cleans the bronchial tubes, said Dr. Axe
  2. DIY vapor rub- this has cooling effect and is amazing. Axe said that you can make one at home with ¼ cup olive oil, ½ coconut, ¼ cup grated Bees wax, 20 drops mint oil, 20 drops eucalyptus oil. For making this, put the olive oil, coconut and wax in a jar. Turn heat on with 2 inches water on medium heat. Put the jar in the pan. When every oil melts, stir. Let this cool aside and add the essential oils. Store in containers and let it set.
  3. Steaming- Best health Magazine said lean over a bowl with steamy water, a few drops pine or eucalyptus and this will remove bacteria that softens the mucus and the pine will remove phlegm easier.
  4. Cayenne pepper- cayenne and spicy foods can loosen the mucus in lungs and make the cough healthier to clean the bronchial tubes of mucus, said Best Health Magazine.
  5. Oregano oil- not for pizza only, Dr. Axe said this oil kills bacteria and makes bronchial tubes healthy.
  6. Cinnamon, clove and ginger- ginger is amazing for curing a cold, it boosts immunity, removes inflammation and fights bronchitis. Top 10 Home Remedies say you need tea from ½ tsp ground ginger, clove and cinnamon.
  7. Garlic- boil 3 peeled cloves, chop them and add them in 1 glass water or milk, drink this before bed. Top 10 Home Remedies say this is amazing for killing viruses and acts like antibiotic.

Honey- thick and soothing, this is good for the throat. Again, Top 10 Home Remedies says you need 1 tsp honey in hot tea or lemon water, this cures inflammation and congestion.


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