A cannabis patch can cure diabetic nerve pain and fibromyalgia



One company is specializing in cannabis use in the shape of medication. They developed a  cannabis patch  that can cure diabetic nerve pain and even fibromyalgia.

This might change the cannabis view we have everywhere.

These new meds are to be used as transdermal patches and they are just adhesive patches stuck on the skin and release some chemicals with time to fight the nerve pain from fibromyalgia and diabetes nerve pain. With this you get a proper dose of medication daily and it has no side effects.

The company Cannabis Science which made these patches said that this causes HEALING in certain body areas. The benefit here is that delivery of the med is better than with drugs of oral, intravenous, topical, intramuscular and other ways. So this patch controls the release of medication and gets through porous membrane and with the body heat it melts some layers of the adhesive that contain high cannabinoid levels CBDs that go in our blood slowly and then the central nervous system, thus removing pain.


The CBD is the 2nd major cannabinoid, main of the THC. It removes pain amazingly well and inflammation too, and is natural. It has no side effects or just a few little and this involves hallucinatory ones of the THC.

The CEO, Raymond C. Dabney said these 2 medical applications are just the start for what the future holds with cannabis. They strive for more land capacity to make their own products and supply scientists with proper materials for these formulas. They also search for better material with these medical applications and  they search for methods of delivery on these meds.

The fibromyalgia affects even 10% of people, but still this is not diagnosed. The diabetic nerve pain neuropathy also affects many people and this method can cure some signs of that problem if not all.

Also Dabney concludes that as more states everywhere legalize cannabis and cannabis meds the Cannabis Science will focus on the pharma formulas and applications for the growing demand in the next years.

source: livetheorganicdream.com

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