This honey kills every bacteria experts throw at it and even super bugs

The raw unprocessed honey is known for the health and experts recently found that there is one honey that kills any bacteria known so far.

These results were published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and it might be time to ditch all antibiotics and turn to nature more.

We talk about the manuka honey, or jelly bush honey made in New Zealand. This is all the rage about these last few years since many fake items appeared along. So New Zealand manuka makers wanted trademark producing like Scottish whiskey and French champagne. After this, the honey benefits were kept a secret.


Manuka kills MRSA and superbugs

This honey is made by bees going for nectar of leptospermum scoparium or New Zealand manuka bushes and tea trees only seen in Australia and New Zealand.

As to a report by the Australian, manuka honey also kills every bacteria and pathogen tested above. Can be taken orally or in topical use for skin infections, bites and cuts.

The best part here is that all superbugs could not appear again, which is not the case with antibiotics.

New antibiotics have shelf lives and bacteria can attack again, said Dr. Carter Dee of Sydney University School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences. A lot of pharma companies rejected the antibiotics and could not recover costs. But with good alternatives you can save more lives.

Certer also added that manuka honey is good for killing bacteria with the item methylglyoxal which combines other items that cause multi system failure.

Where can manuka honey be found

Manuka is found in health stores and online, but supplies have decreased and fake honeys appeared. So to get manuka, get one with UMF certificate. UMF means Unique Manuka Factor, a phytochemical label for the manuka bushes. And also find manuka original on


There you can find the brand called Comvita manuka with UMF label and this kills the MRSA.honey

I researched a lot when our friends got the MRSA and sadly I got this too said JoshuaOne9 on Amazon. The good thing is that I searched a lot online and knew what to do. As I saw the red bump, thinking it was bug bite, I scratched it and the next day it was something else. My husband knew what this was knowing from our friend. We put manuka on my skin and bandage on. After a few hours there was relief and after  a few days it was gone.

More research needs to be done and we can say for sure that manuka honey is amazing for health issues in humans.


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