Cut lemons and put them in the bedroom. This is why!

Have you known that lemons make the mood better and treat anxiety and depression?

I guess you know the fact that citrus fruits can have many benefits but some things are yet to be discovered. For example, did you know that this can also be cleaning item and help you at home for cleaning? You know now!


Here are the best uses of lemon you never knew!

  1. Bedside trick – cut 3 lemons, put them by the bedside and let them sit overnight. Do this every day. This will freshen the air and make the room fresh all over. Breathing will be easier and asthma and cold relieved. The mind will feel relaxed and fresh. Also this works on fatigue and hangovers. The energy will be improved and you will be healthy all day long. This is even better than energy drinks.

The assistant prof. Dr. J. V. Hebbar of Alva Ayurveda Medical College said lemon essential oil benefits are:

  1. Teeth whitener – mix lemon oil, coconut and baking soda, put this on the teeth and rub.
  2. For laundry – if the laundry stays in the washer too long, just add some lemon oil drops and the clothes will smell AMAZING.
  3. Cleaning hands – if the hands are greasy and regular soap does not help, add a few drops lemon oil with the soap.
  4. Natural disinfection – for cleaning the moldy shower add 40 drops lemon oil in 16 oz bottle with water and add white vinegar.
  5. Face wash – the lemon oil will make skin softer and complexion better. It nourishes skin deep. Mix lemon oil, honey and baking soda for curing acne.
  6. Silver and wood polish – soak cloth in lemon oil to rub the areas for polishing. Also this can clean wood and jewelry.
  7. Fat loss – use 2 drops lemon oil in the water that you have 3 times daily. This boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.
  8. Better mood – fight depression and improve mood with lemon oil in diffuser for the air.
  9. Removal of goo – lemon oil removes sticky goo that kids leave from gums and stickers.
  10. Immunity – lemon oil also supports the lymphatic drainage and cures the cold. Mix this with coconut oil and rub it on the neck.




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