Eat 2 bananas per day for a month and see what happens

Bananas are really healthy and good for us so they have many benefits. This is also called superfood.

It has minerals, vitamins, natural sugars and sucrose and fructose too but fibers as well. Apple a day is good, but banana Is better.

Banana facts;

Calories 89

Fat calories 3

Total fat 0

Saturated fat 0

Trans fat 0

Sodium 1 mg

Cholesterol 0


23 g

Fiber 3g

Sugar 12g

Protein 1 g

Vitamin A 1%

Calcium 1 %

Vitamin C 15%

Iron 1%



Stats say that banana is the most eaten fruit in USA and even more than oranges or apples. We buy them green and hard but the soft brown are much healthier.

People like brown bananas. They have lots of TNF.

The riper the banana is the more TNF is there. THF combats cancer and bad cells.

Also it promotes links between all body cells. It removes inflammation of them too.

Thus sick cells commit suicide.

They boost immunity and make white blood cells boosted. If you see brown banana, get her, it is healthier and more for energy.

More banana consuming reasons

  • Heartburn and pressure- they are low in sodium and potassium and keep pressure and heart healthy.
  • For energy they are amazing. They have minerals, vitamins, low GU and carbs and are fast energy. Eat them after or before workouts. The potassium makes muscle cramps gone.
  • For anemia and more iron. They make more hemoglobin for the red blood cells and boost immunity.
  • For ulcers- if you have belly ulcers, avoid certain foods but eat banana. This is soft, creamy, smooth and soothes the lining. Also makes you safe from corrosive materials.
  • Depression- they have tryptophan for the depression and the serotonin is a good activator of transmitter. Have a better mood with banana.
  • For constipation- the banana improves bowels and removes constipation.
  • No pms issues- stress and moodiness will be gone since this fruit has vitamin B that relaxes the nerves.

Basal good heat- this fruit balances the heat and in all season times.


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