The 15 etiquette rules we all must know

We all have to be polite and know good manners. Good manners speaks a lot about you, vocabulary, emotions, clean appearance and courtesy.


So, you want to learn good manners and see our list:

  1. When you walk along someone and they greet people, you must greet them too and if you do not know them
  2. Seeing the phone all the time in company is rude and means boredom. Try to see at people instead of Instagram.
  3. If you are male, use hands or chopsticks for sushi.
  4. Never ask people if they are going to text or call all night long.
  5. Always say thank you to those that helped you, this is gratification.
  6. Ladies should wear their own bags, but men must take their coats.
  7. Avoid empty small talk on the phone and talk only what is needed.
  8. Never stare at people or shout or smile loudly.
  9. Try not to splash pedestrian when driving,
  10. If you are at a cinema or theater, when you walk to the seat, always be face to face with people on your way.
  11. If your apology was accepted, never do the same mistake.
  12. Polite men respect every woman.
  13. These things are personal: age, religion, honor, disgrace, wealth, affair, medical issues, gifts, family problems.
  14. If you follow a trend, and people think this is funny, there is nothing you can do here.
  15. Regardless of profession, age, status, always greet people when you enter somewhere.



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