The best 29 uses of hydrogen peroxide and DIY purposes

The hydrogen peroxide H2O2 has been a long time used by us.

Apart from used as medicine in the cabinets, it also is good for cleaning and some uses are even amazing.

The amazing 29 DIY uses are presented here. No doubt, this item can have many modern uses. It sanitizes, disinfects and does other things too.


Since it has many uses, we have the list for 29 uses of this house item for hygiene, health and cleaning…

Some will surprise you and amaze you. Curing a cold, whitening teeth, carpet bleaching…normally we all use 3% solution.

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The list of 29 uses

  1. Sanitizing sponges – soak the sponges in hydrogen and warm water. Let this soak and rinse it for killing bacteria in the sponges.
  2. Mouthwash – use 50-50 mix water and hydrogen and gargle this in the mouth. Spit in the end.
  3. Whiten clothes – the main use of this is whiter clothes. For this, add ½ or 1 cup hydrogen in the wash and remove hard stains too. It can remove blood stains too! Paramedic shirts are cleaned this way. Gently rub the whites or add a bit in the laundry.
  4. Foot fungi – soak the feet in peroxide and soften the corns and calluses, clean small cuts and cure athlete’s foot, fungi. Make mix of 50/50 hydrogen and water and soak the feet. This will remove fungi too. Make the soak every day until needed.
  5. Healing and cleaning wounds – the hydrogen peroxide can kill germs and bacteria. The same 3% hydrogen with 50-50 mix water cleans well wounds. You have to dilute it because the hydrogen shocks healthy skin especially injuries of sport. Also rinse well to avoid burning. Hydrogen also removes dead tissues and stops bleeding of open heals infections too.
  6. Cutting board cleaner – this is amazing for cleaning wood. These boards are hard to be cleaned from germs.
  7. Eye cure – this can clean contact lenses too, eliminate microbes and dirt too.
  8. Pure water – hydrogen peroxide is amazing for cleaning water, add a bit hydrogen to gallon of water in steamers and humidifiers so the H2O2 makes it safe to drink.
  9. Grout cleaner – fast clean the grout of tiles with hydrogen and scrub a bit with brush.
  10. Immunity booster – this is the magical rule for hydrogen. We naturally make the hydrogen and do not know that we make it of leukocytes or white blood cells. This fights off viruses and bacteria and toxins too.
  11. Whiten teeth – hydrogen whitens anything, so gargle in the mouth with hydrogen but spit in the end.
  12. Veggie wash – put 3% hydrogen in water and wash produce from pesticides and herbicides. Put this in spray bottle with 50% water and hydrogen. Wash the veggies from dirt. After washing, rinse with cold water.
  13. Hair bleach – hydrogen can be as hair dye too and lightener. Spray the hair with 50-50 mix of hydrogen and water after the wash. Comp and spray and let this dry. This will not bleach the hair too much. Gradual lightening will be seen.
  14. Toothpaste – mix this with other medicines like baking soda or else and get a toothpaste that is amazing for replacing regular paste. also this can act as remedy.
  15. Mildew humidifier – the mildew and mold damage the health. the faster you clean them the safer you are. Put a pint of 3% hydrogen in the humidifier water and stop them from forming. This cleans the moist air and you breathe easier.
  16. Nail whitener-if the nails are yellow or dirty, whiten them with scrubbing hydrogen.
  17. Aquarium cleaner – hydrogen is good for such purposes to remove algae and such. This is also safe for the fish and just keep in mind the aquarium has to be rinsed well and use just a tad of hydrogen. Also this prevents fungi growth and does not harm fish.
  18. Fridge cleaner – clean the insides of the fridge and keep foods safe too. Use baking soda for the odor and then wipe the fridge with hydrogen.
  19. Toilet bowl cleaning – clean the toilet bowl by pouring hydrogen inside, add water and swish it up with ratio 1:1. Also swish under the rim and around for 20min. then stains will be removed and flush after that.
  20. Acne cure – dab 35 hydrogen on the acne and kill bacteria. This prevents future acne too.
  21. Dishwasher – you can use hydrogen to wash dishes and sanitize them by hand. Add 2 oz hydrogen in the dishwasher or sponge water for cleaning. Add the detergent you use and scrub the dishes.
  22. Sanitize kids toys – clean the toys with hydrogen and remove bacteria and germs from them. Also wipe the boxes for snacks and lunch.
  23. Deodorant stain remover – if you got armpit stains from deodorants, put mix of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen ratio 1:2. After an hour, rinse with cold water.
  24. Carpet cleaner – remove stains of the carpet with this. Just put some hydrogen and add water, then wipe with cloth.
  25. Sanitize hands – wash hands with hydrogen after dirt is piled on them. Then wash with soap and water.
  26. Neti pot nasal cleaner – an amazing cure for sinuses, colds and nasal issues. Start with 50-50 mix of this and if you need more just add more hydrogen. Also add 1 tbsp 3% hydrogen in water and presto an amazing mix for relieving sinus issues.
  27. Curing a cold – a few drops hydrogen every morning, in the ears can fight a cold.
  28. Counter top sanitizing – this is good for this aim too. It removes stains and cleans cutting boards, also spray it on foods to make them clean before chopping. I make mix of 3% hydrogen and water, same ratios. After use, wipe dry with paper cloth towels.
  29. Blood stain removal – blood of fabric can be cleaned this way. Even the micro suede pieces. Put a bit on the stain and let this foam, then blot it. Repeat until the stain is gone. Also hydrogen will clean the blood and leave the fabric well. It will not smudge or weaken it and chlorine bleach will to this.

Where to purchase hydrogen

If you want to try this method, get 3% hydrogen in every food store or market. Just for cleaning you might want to get 35% hydrogen of Amazon.

Always keep in mind that hydrogen needs caution when using. The liquid and vapors might burn skin or lungs. Also never swallow it for oral use. Swallowing means dizziness, nausea, vomiting and even death. Use it just externally.









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