Coconut water for a week – what will happen?

This coconut water is the best water there is and for health and weight loss too.

Why do you need such water, or more of it?

A lot of people still are not informed for the benefits of this water. This water has many nutrients and additives and is healthy.


In case you never tried it, here are the best 6 uses and benefits:

Coconut water benefits

  1. Good digestion- this water soothes digestive tract and gives you healthy fibers. Also has electrolytes for absorbing nutrients. Also spasms will be reduced and intestine pain removes, so no more indigestion.
  2. Healthy kidneys- this water also is natural diuretic and prevents kidney stones and such. Also cleans the urinary organs and removes small stones.
  3. Losing weight- if you have this water all the time or for a week, you can shed fat. This is low in fat, high in nutrients and stops cravings. If you drink this, you will eat less and do more workouts.
  4. Lower pressure- the American heart Association states that enough potassium in diets means lowering pressure. A study of 2005 said those that had such water for a week lowered the pressure both diastolic and systolic by 29% and 71%.
  5. Better immunity- this water has lauric acid and kills viruses and bacteria. Bacteria is also removed from the gums and UTIs too. Viruses will no more make cold and flu.
  6. Energy- this is mostly used by athletes and replaces regular water. It is perfect for workouts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               source:

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