Reduce cellulite with amazing home remedies. See them all

Almost 85% of women have this cellulite issue in the thighs. This is not end of the world but is reality. First, you need positive body focus. In the end of the day, we all do not feel perfect. Some natural ways can help though and give you amazing results. We have a list of the best home remedies to test. I tried them, you try them too.


We also included some amazing tips for how to Dry Brush the right way. Also try wraps, creams and tricks or tips. There are videos along to help you more. Pin the best ones.

Top 100 Remedies make amazing infographics to show cayenne pepper burns fat, removes toxins and cellulite and makes more blood flow and metabolism. Also this removes bad skin cells and makes healthy cells instead.

You need:

1 tsp grated ginger

1-2 tsp cayenne pepper

1 lemon juice



Add cayenne to warm water glass. Add the ginger and juice and mix to drink 2 times daily for 2 months.

We have an amazing video for the best tips on beating cellulite. You need daily and diet changes too but also lymph massage with rolling pin.


See the video above.

These are the 9 cellulite remedies with tomato paste. this also stops losing collagen which leads to cellulite. Be hydrated and have a healthy diet to avoid the orange peel skin.

The main cause for this is unhealthy life, genes and hormones. Women get more affected by hormones estrogen and progesterone that makes weak veins and fluid retention. This infographic also claims remedies like dry brushing, green tea and salmon.

This is a Chi Vitalizer for stirring up the body and pumping more blood, almost the same as 10 000 steps in just 15 min see it here

Also reduce cellulite with scrub made of coffee. This uses ½ cup ground coffee, 1 tbsp sugar, 2-3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp glycerine, 2 tsp vitamin E oil and the blogger said she was amazed. She scrubbed for 5 min and wrapped plastic, after 10 min it removed it and washed this off. Coffee makes better blood flow and reduces fluid retention. This smoothens the skin.

Smart Living made this infopgraphic to show how dry brushing has benefits and makes better lymph flow. See the Infographic of Dr. Axe.

As to Juicing For Life the grapefruit cellulite juice is amazing for this aim and toxins too.

What it does?

  • Makes better blood flow
  • Burns excess fat
  • Detox and removal of toxins and fats
  • Metabolizing sugar in blood
  • Making collagen for firm skin
  • Removes fluid retention

Untreated cellulite will get worse with time. This DIY treatment is easy and fast to make and you will be delighted.

You need:

3 tbsp witch hazel

¾ cup coconut oil

2 tbsp shaved beeswax

10 drops of juniper oil

10 drops some rosemary oil

30 drops of grapefruit oil

And some 30 drops of cypress oil.


Anti-cellulite recipe

You need:

¼ cup sugar

11/4 cup avocado oil or olive

½ cup ground coffee

Mix them all together and rub them on critical areas for 30 seconds and circle motions, then rinse. But keep in mind this is messy, so use the shower.

Caffeine boosts circulation and reduces cellulite so use it 2 times per week.

Also here is a video that shows how is coffee body wrap made. Play to view it.


Another good way to use coffee. We adore these coffee sugar scrub cubes for exfoliating skin.

How to make coffee sugar cubes DIY

You need:

½ cup grated goat milk soap base

¼ cup almond oil

20 drops orange oil

1 cup granule sugar

2 tbsp coffee grounds

Get info and instructions—- here



Coffee grind cocktail

Try this. Mix ¼ cup ground coffee and add 3 tbsp hot water. Let this sit for 10 min and make a paste. then add 2 tbsp olive oil and add the grinds. This is easy for spreading and gives moisture.

Cellulite coffee scrub

1 cup coffee grounds

6 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp sea salt

Empty jar

Dry brush

Measure the dry items and mix them in a bowl

Melt the coconut and use microwave. Add this to the mix. Stir well. Store this in waterproof jar. Before you get in the shower, use the dry brush to exfoliate and make blood flow. Brush lightly with circle motions and all over the body. Inside the shower, apply the scrub and rinse. Do this daily.

You can use inches with this wrap. Exfoliate with sugar and coffee before the wrap which can be just regular cling film.


This is an amazing cardio for just 5 min a day to pump more blood and blood flow.





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