Weight loss study – triple loss of fat with just 1 tsp cumin spice

Cumin is the native spice of Egypt and was cultivated long as medicine and food in Middle East, Asia, Mediterranean and such areas. It is used in curry and as spice too.


It is the spice that you do not use daily, but you have to.

This seed cures indigestion, acid reflux, anemia, diabetes, constipation and more.

Also cumin can serve for weight loss too.

The weight loss experiment with cumin

The Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice experts of Iran Shahid Sadoughi University Medical sciences monitored a group with 88 obese people male and female and they were for this weight loss experiment.

The women were divided in 2 groups: reduced calorie intake and nutrition, and 1 group would have yoghurt with 3 g cumin, and the other just yoghurt.

Boosted metabolism

In just 3 months, the cumin group had less 50% weight than the rest. Also there was less body fat by 14.64% or 3 times than the control group.

Also the cumin group had lower BMI and water circumference than the control group.

The authors said cumin can help weight loss and increase metabolic rate. They even said that this might be a good method for metabolic syndrome.

Lowering blood fat

Cumin lowers the lipids too. The triglycerides dropped to 23 points compared to the 5 points of control group. The LDL cholesterol dropped by 10 points compared to 1 point of control group.

This means cumin can prevent atherosclerosis, heart issues, diabetes, high triglycerides and more.

The experts think cholesterol can be lowered due to the glycoside saponins and they prevent bad cholesterol in the future and excretion of it.

The items found in black cumin too are anticoagulant, prevent cancer, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, remove inflammation and are antioxidants.

Reducing absorption of cholesterol

Also the cumin has many phytosterols that modulate lipids and reduce cholesterol. In another study, Annuals of Nutrition and Metabolism said taking cumin cyminum L pill in overweight people has the same effect like Orlistat, drug that acts like gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor for obesity control and limiting absorption of dietary fats.

This spice is in effect similar to weight drugs and BMI drugs and has better effects on insulin metabolism.

If you dislike yoghurt and cumin, add this in roasted veggies, chicken, or veggie soup too. Also mix it with eggs every morning.

Try this cumin recipe

Make a cup of warm cumin tea, just boil the seeds in water and let them steep 10 min.






Source: dailyhealthpost.com

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