The best antioxidant there is to cleanse the arteries of bad LDL cholesterol

Many people in the world have high cholesterol and this makes health issues. To reduce this, modern medicine gets just drugs and meds but they even effective, have side effects which cause more problems. Good for us, the basil plant helps here a lot and lowers this cholesterol to appear again.


The basil is an ancient plant used in many medicine purposes. It is a bushy herb with phytonutrients that is grown for many benefits. It needs warm and tropical climate and experts say that over 60 such plants are divided in purple, bush and sweet.

When you grow this at home, just snip the buds and cut the base of the leaf as a branch appears. To get all benefits, use just fresh basil. It has strong and nice smell and removes the LDL in the blood. It has vitamin K for blood clotting and other items.

The best basil benefits:

  • Antioxidants – it has loads of them and they fight the free radicals inside and keep us safe.
  • Natural antibiotic – basil can act like antibiotic and chase off bad bacteria. To get the most of it, mix garlic and basil and consume.
  • Clean blood vessels – basil cleans the bad LDL cholesterol and makes vessels clean. Also this has many other uses like for the kidneys, cough, constipation, diarrhea, headache and more. Brew basil tea and have it daily.



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