Watch the kidneys come out with this amazing home cure

The kidneys are amazing for removal of toxins and salt from the inside and this is why they are so vital? To improve their work, we need to clean them sometimes.

They clean us from toxins but also sand and salts. So we need to clean this all the time.


This is a recipe that is all natural and you can make it at home. This cleanses the kidneys amazingly.

You need:


Parsley or coriander (a bunch)



Cut the parsley in big chunks and put this in a pot. Add water to cover them. Put this on stove and let it boil for 10 min. then remove from fire and let this cool of covered.

After this, strain them and refrigerate. Have 1 cup per day and have it cold. Results are seen after a few days and the urine will change too. This helps kidneys to remove toxin deposits.

If you like, make this tea from parsley and let the mix act for 30 min before it is still

Also have parsley tea 2 times per month to remove toxins from kidneys. This tea also is good for PMS cramps.

While you have this tea, have lots of fluids daily. This is not good for pregnant women.

Apart from those leaves, also try other cleansers like lemon, apple, watermelon and olive oil is good too.






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