11 ways to produce more serotonin in the brain naturally

The low serotonin affects appetite, sleeping, sex drive, memory and mood.


We will see the best 11 ways to increase this and boost the mental health, focus, motivation, happiness and such.

  1. More tryptophan – you need to know about tryptophan. This is an amino acid vital for making serotonin so increase the dietary intake to be happier. The best foods are lean meats, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts…
  2. Massage – massage impacts the mood, so it relieves tension in muscles too. This changes our body chemistry and serotonin peaks during it, so cortisol is reduced by 30%. When too much of this is in the system, you get blocked to make serotonin.
  3. Boost B vitamins – every B vitamin makes the body healthy and fit but just 2 are the best of them, B12 and B6. This can cure depression in elder people too. Most benefit with just 50-100 mg daily but just in case talk with your doctor and make a blood test.
  4. Get sunshine – when you are outside, the serotonin kicks starts the brain. This is true even for colder weather, so in winter walk too! Spend at least half an hour daily outside, listen music and walk.
  5. Add magnesium – even 75% of USA people lack this mineral. This affects serotonin and controls blood pressure and regulates nerves. As supplement, it helps people recover depressive disorders. Add this in the diet and eat dark leafy green veggies, bananas, fish, beans and such.
  6. More positivity – increase the serotonin with diet, walk in nature. Studies proved that you can influence the neurotransmitter by changing attitude for life. See what makes you feel good and chase that! Socialize with people you love, go to a good event, get a hobby, keep gratitude journal, and more…
  7. Less sugar– the major cause of low serotonin is sugary foods, this is since insulin is linked to serotonin. Sadly, more sugar backfires and leads to a mood crash so keep yourself safe from illnesses like heart issues and diabetes and focus the efforts of healthier ways to increase this.
  8. Mediation – we know, this is amazing for the health. but, meditation also helps every life area. Serotonin can increase with meditation and raises the 5-HIAA, acid for making serotonin. As bonus, meditation also fights stress and makes you happier while it removes inflammation.
  9. Workout more often – you must get more workouts and sun too, and try to get more workouts every week. Anything that makes the heart pump will make serotonin and endorphins will boost you. See what you want from workouts, swap treadmill for park walks, go dancing, aerobics…
  10. More vitamin C – this seems crucial with the B vitamin, and studies shown that this links to mood. Some say the C is antidepressant naturally and experts said those that get C are happier even just after a week. This is not directly linked to the serotonin, but it has a role in making neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine both for amazing feelings. Eat oranges, bell peppers, tomatoes and leafy greens for C.
  11. Self care for less stress – you must have noticed that how you control cortisol means controlling serotonin too. This means anything you do for the stress has a good effect on how you handle it with the brain serotonin. If you put others first, change this, if you work too much, slow down, make yourself first and serotonin will follow. Self care varies for everyone, so brainstorm good ideas and be happier.






Source: lifehack.org

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