This bug can be seen everywhere and it causes danger!

You think Ebola was cause of fear? This small bug is even worse and has no signs after showing!


Today I learned that this creature named Kissing Bug is the worst. It thought it might be like the praying mantis, which has posture of like…praying per se! but this Kissing bug has the name since it kisses people or BITES then near the neck, cheeks, eyes and mouths AS YOU SLEEP. You think this is harmless and might be mosquito bite, but you are wrong. There is nothing cute in these “kisses”

After this KISS, you get infection like Chagas disease, both humans and animals might get it.

These bugs are so far notorious for their deadly kiss and might even have a nest near you. It passes parasitic infection where it goes in animals and humans and if untreated, there might be congestive heart failure. Some even say it is the new USA AIDS! The more proper name is Assassin Bug.

If you have seen this nearby, look for headaches, fever, large lymph nodes, pain in muscles, hard breathing, swollen belly, chest pain, fatigue, weakness and more.

If you suspect you have this parasite, check all signs since next phase starts 3 decades later. It goes in the heart and does grave damage.

The Chagas disease has signs like fast heart rate, weakness, swollen belly, diarrhea, no appetite and confusion. These are just a few. If untreated, is fatal for the heart and GI and even causes death.

See the video for more info on this bug:


Early detecting and curing is vital for the Chagas. Seal all cracks and openings in the house and keep house and yard clean a lot. If you have a dog, keep it indoors and night from nocturnal bugs. If you let it outside, keep it off the ground level at least. Never smash and crush the bugs with bare hands, also see for the Triatomine bug too!


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