Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Cause Cancer – even oncologists warn you

This can be done by tobacco and since cancer is complex also there is no workouts, gnes, bad diet, bad lifestyle, infections, chemicals, pollution…

Studies said that bad diet and no workouts make risk cancer worse.

Like other causes, caner can be prevented. Like this:

Stop smoking


Good weight

Healthy diet and fresh produce


The 8 foods making cancer

  1. Sugar and refined foods: those foods have corn or fructose syrup and are unhealthy. They raise the insulin and this makes them grow more. In 2006, the American Society of Clinical Nutrition said those eating lots of sugar had more pancreas cancer. Limit them and get more stevia, molasses an jiggery
  2. Red meats– many additives in this meat are ham, bacon, sausage and more. But they are loaded with salt. The Nutrition and Cancer Journal said excess meat makes colorectal cancer but this also makes more risk of prostate cancer too replace them with grass fed meats.
  3. Pickled and smoked food– such foods are not healthy. The smoking of meats, lets toxins inside and pickled foods have too much nitrates salt and preservatives. Remove them and have less cancer risk.
  4. White flour-These days a lot of foods are with flour. But this has too much carb and studies said women who eat many carbs have risk of breast cancer and this flour raises the glucose in blood. Replace this with quinoa, whole wheat, almond flour and barley
  5. Hydrogenated oils– they change during processing. They come from veggies and have long shelf life, omega 6 and trans fats. Just a tad omega 6 is healthy but too much make acid damage and even skin cancer. Also there is risk of colorectal cancer, prostate, breast and more. Instead use palm, coconut, olive…
  6. Microwave popcorn– there is a chemical perfluooctanoic acid for these bags. This is a toxin and studies said it is unhealthy with PFOA exposing and affects kidney and bladder. Another study said these chemical items cause female infertility. And these popcorns have GMO like propyl gallate.
  7. Farmed salmon– wild and farmed vary a lot. Farmed one is cancer risk, and wild is healthy. Science Magazine made a study where too much chemicals in salmon make cancer. Some have mercury, dioxins, toxaphene, flame retardants since farmed is cheaper!

Potato chips– they are made with high heat and create crystalamide, carcinogen said the Journal Of Cancer that they make ovary, breast, prostate and digestive cancer. And they are loaded with calories, salt, fats thus pressure, obesity, cholesterol and more.

Make chips of apples or with olive oil or potatoes with oil. Or even banana and apple chips.


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