The 15 alkaline foods for prevention of cancer, obesity and heart disease

The body originally is alkaline and must be. But more junk food changed our pH. This damages immunity, makes health problems and even cancer.


Here is the healthy food list

1. Swiss chard– this leafy veggie is the best for free radical fighting, bacteria and viruses.

2. Buckwheat– no regular wheat instead get this one. It has more proteins and iron and vitamins. Gives energy, makes heart healthier and diabetes is prevented.

3. Melon– this gives hydration and cleanses toxins. The pH is 8.5 so this is great. Every melon is good alkali source and water source.

4. Olive oil– now is the time to add more olive oil. It has antioxidants, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and more. Also keeps heart healthy against diseases and regulates blood sugar.

5. Flaxseed– full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin E, makes the heart healthy, removes inflammation and controls flashes in menopause.

6. Bananas– full of fiber and nutrients like B, magnesium, manganese, potassium they control blood sugar, make better digestion, keep heart healthy and metabolism fast.

7. Avocado– it has monounsaturated fats and fiber, so it makes heart healthier, controls cholesterol and absorbs more produce nutrients.

8. Carrots– they have beta carotene, pigments for the eyesight. Also loads fiber, A, B8, C, K, iron, potassium. They improve thinking too and fight free radicals.

9. Berries– full of antioxidants and fibers, they keep memory sharp and improve digestion, reduce some cancers, keep you safe from chronic issues too.

10. Broccoli– they are full of B6, C, E, K, fiber, potassium, copper. It lowers cholesterol, is antioxidant, makes bones better and keeps heart healthy.

11. Grapes– they have antioxidants and polyphenols that lower risk for mouth, pancreas, esophagus, lung colon, endometrial and prostate cancer. Also pressure is lowered and anxiety.

12. Cauliflower– one serving of this is 77% daily C. also K, riboflavin, thiamin, magnesium, potassium, manganese. Removes inflammation and boosts the heart.

13. Lemons– they have vitamin C, A, B6, riboflavin, E, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc. The juice breaks kidney stones and reduces stroke risk. Also there is less constipation, pressure and it fights cancer.

14. Quinoa– the best protein food with 2 times more fiber than other grains. It also has lysine, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, manganese. It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.

15. Spinach-low in fat and cholesterol, has zinc, iron, niacin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, B6, E, C, K. also antioxidants, removes free radicals, makes better brain work, memory is better too and heart stronger.

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