No more varicose veins, pain in joints, memory loss, headaches with 1 herb

Laurel is amazing and we all have this spice in the kitchen. But the leaves are for making foods and are healthy too.

Laurel leaves are for preparing great medicines and are healthy for use at home.


Bay leaves benefits

* Calming the nerves

* Making immunity stronger

* Healthier colon

* More sweating

* For joint pains and varicose veins

* More mental clarity


250 ml olive oil

30 g bay leaves


With mortar or hands, grind the leaves. Crush them to get some oil. The leaves must be dry. When crushed, add the oil they released in container and cover with olive oil, then cover again and let this macerate for 2 weeks in cold dark place.

After some time the leaves will change and aroma will get better.

Cover to sit 2 more weeks.

Glue the oil

Do this with cotton cloth.

Squeeze the cloth and retain as little oil as you can.

The laurel oil benefits

Use light heat and rub the oil on the joints. Also use it for migraines and ears.

For headaches, massage it on the temples.

Replace aspirin for this and body heat will be better.

Appetite will get better

Pain will be removed of intestines and stomach

Hepatic and renal work will improve

Use it as lotion for skin on the face

It cures acne and pimples.


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